Roosheena got a cradle for the baby

Roosheena became a Nanny recently and has found that baby do not have a cradle to rock her to sleep so find out how she recognizes this problem and what type of cradle she buy for the baby!

Aaliya: Oh welcome my child Roosheena! You have been great yesterday and buying a caddy is the best thing we did now we do not need to run here and there for things.

Roosheena: Mam! I need some more things for the baby, i mean i do not have baby powder, and puff and some baby cream and rash cream. And i even need a baby wash!

Aaliya: i will get it all by tonight while returning from the farm do not worry! And remember i have fed the baby with milk and she is sleeping now!

Roosheena: Oh the baby yes mam sure!

My caddy has space enough if you get things i will keep it in my caddy.

Aaliya: Oh! Sure dear! You can do so!

Okay then have a good day!

Roosheena: Good bye Mam! May you too have a wonderful day!

As Aaliya went off to work in the farm,

Roosheena is left alone with the baby and she is sleeping.

Roosheena: Aw! how wonderful if she do not cry and sleeps peacefully like this!

To her surprise the baby wakes up and starts crying.

Roosheena tries to calm her taking into her lap, she do not stop, then she takes her into her arms and start roaming still she do not stop so she moves in the garden and move up and down continuously like vibration and lull her to sleep by singing some rhymes.

The baby went to sleep after much hard work.

Roosheena is still in the garden and baby is sleeping and resting her head on her shoulders.

Sania happens to visit again.

Sania: Hey Roosheena! I thought why not to ask you how is everything going? If i may be of some sort of help!

Roosheena: Yes! Why not! i really need it come inside!

Sania: so what are you doing now?

Roosheena: i lulled her to sleep!

Sania: can i have some water!

Roosheena: ya sure!

As Roosheena was putting water using her one hand, the glass fell and water spills.

The sound comes and the baby wakes up.

Sania: oh my god! Thanks goodness the glass did not break!

Roosheena: you see there’s wall to wall thick mattress here how can it break!

Sania: Now lull her again otherwise she won’t allow us to talk!

Roosheena: As she was lulling again and swinging her body. The baby was still crying.

Sania: She shows the green light coming from her mobile.

The baby got amazed looking at the light and stops crying.

Sania: You need a cradle because you will get tired if you all the time swing and lull like this.

Roosheena: i know it from the day one because i thought what if one day she starts crawling and fall from the bed we need a cradle for her to swing her.

Sania: And it must have some lullaby songs and some lights too.

Roosheena: how can i find this type of cradle?

Sania: we will find it online! Let’s check out here!

Roosheena after much display selects one cradle for the baby.

Sania: She takes screenshots of the cradle and send it to Aaliya Mam.

Sania: let’s order now! I received confirmation from Aaliya Mam to buy this!

Roosheena: okay then let’s order!

The delivery is within one hour!

Sania will you please get the money from Aaliya Mam as you did before?

Sania: Sure! I will do so!

Sania goes to Aaliya Mam’s farm and get the money for the cradle.

The delivery man arrives with a cradle.

As the baby is still sleeping on bed, Sania and Roosheena both together unpacks the cradle and assemble it.

Roosheena: Wow this is an amazing cradle i totally loved it.

The baby wakes up Roosheena put the baby inside the cradle and starts the vibrations and also put on some lullaby music, the baby rocks and enjoy the toys she found in the cradle above her head.

The baby was playing peacefully and Sania was rocking the cradle and helping out changing vibrations and lullaby music and also showing the baby some lights.

Roosheena makes milk and get the baby out from the cradle and feeds her with milk.

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