Roosheena got a job

This is a continuation of my fairytale Roosheena and her strawberries land. As Roosheena is only 11 and about to get 12 years old she finds a job for herself that is to take care and look after little baby.

Roosheena has got a neighbor who is also her teacher in school Aaliya Aunty and she is blessed with lovely baby girl, Aaliya is a wonderful teacher and Roosheena's favorite, she recently shifted into new home with her husband and here her daughter...

Roosheena has got a neighbor who is also her teacher in school Aaliya Aunty and she is blessed with lovely baby girl, Aaliya is a wonderful teacher and Roosheena’s favorite, she recently shifted into new home with her husband and here her daughter is born.

Roosheena is very happy about the birth of a baby in her neighborhood.

Aaliya to her husband Sadiq

Aaliya: taking the baby into her lap aww! She is an angel iam really blessed!

Sadiq: She has got a lovely green eyes!

Aaliya: Sadiq i think i have to quit my part-time job as a teacher in school and also my full time job with you in the farm you see i have to feed and nurse the baby now!

Sadiq: this is not possible how can we manage the finances?

Aaliya: i have no idea!

Roosheena knocks the door!

Aaliya: she opens the door oh come inside my child!

Roosheena: how are you teacher? How is the baby?

Aaliya: come inside! She is fine by the grace of Allah!

Roosheena: you did not come to school so i thought to ask you? How did you find our place?

Aaliya: This strawberries land is wonderful Roosheena no pollution, no traffic, no dirt, so clean green and refreshing i loved the lakes of strawberries and the most amazing thing is i collected some strawberry juice when it was raining here and the juices of strawberries strike from the trees and falls from above.

Roosheena: this is the most wonderful thing about our strawberries land!

Aaliya: come and sit down!

I can’t come to school iam in some problem! I have to feed and nurse the baby i can’t even go to farm and help Sadiq because there is no one to take care of the baby.

Roosheena: But Mam! School is only for four hours it starts early morning and ends when there is still morning time.

Aaliya: Ya i know!

Sadiq: i can take care of the baby till you come back in the morning itself! The baby will be sleeping that time and there is no need to bother much i will sleep with her and will take care of her.

Aaliya: What about my full time job at farmland?

Roosheena: Mam! if you don’t mind i think i might be of some help! I will take care of your baby till you go and come back from the farm!

Aaliya: Will you?

Roosheena: yes Mam only if you allow me to?

Aaliya: Why will i not allow if you can take care then it’s a pleasure by my side!

Roosheena: I will ask my father about this and will give you an answer!

Aaliya: okay!

Roosheena: i will come back in a moment!

Roosheena goes to her home and here her father opens the door!

Father: Where were you sweetheart? I was looking out for you!

Roosheena: Papa! i was with Aaliya Aunty she is blessed with little baby girl!

Father: Oh my goodness! Congratulate her on my behalf!

when did she born?

Roosheena: two days back!

Father: Now who is going to take care of the baby she works so hard in the farm?


Papa can i become a Nanny for Aaliya Mam’s little baby?

I have promised her that i will take care and look after the baby when she will go and work on the farm!

Father: Let her take some rest for few weeks, and it’s been only two days since the baby is born!

Ask her to take some rest with the baby then after that we will see!

There is no need to work in the farm at this time!

You must be not getting me but Aaliya will surely understand this!

Roosheena: Okay Papa! i will inform her about your suggestion!

Roosheena: She goes back to Aaliya’s home!

Aaliya: oh you are back! What did your father say? Did he agreed on this?

Roosheena: My father has asked you to take some rest before going back to the farm for work and he said that after few weeks he will see whether i can take care of the baby or not?

Aaliya: oh yes he spoke practically im not in a situation to work right now i have to take rest! Okay after few weeks let’s see!

Roosheena: Mam but i will wait for you in the school please come there!

Aaliya: i will be comin back to school from Monday!

Roosheena: Bye!

Aaliya: Goodbye!

Aaliya joined school after a week time and Roosheena was very happy in the class to have her back, she taught English to her students and she also teach how to play piano and sing rhymes.

Roosheena hums and sings along her and carefully studies English grammar.

After few more weeks Aaliya is healthy enough to go back to the farm.

And Roosheena as she promised will take care of her baby.

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