Roosheena got solution to the spilling milk of the baby

As Roosheena has become a Nanny for the baby girl she has found that her baby always spills milk and wet her clothes while she is feeding the baby check out how she finds a solution to this problem.

As Roosheena has become a Nanny for the baby girl she has found that her baby always spills milk and wet her clothes while she is feeding the baby check out how she finds a solution to this problem

Aaliya: Hey Roosheena! Welcome my child! You are doing great as a Nanny and iam really lucky to have you in my life!

Roosheena: Assalaamalaikam Mam!

Aaliya: Walekamsalaam it’s a great bright day today, fresh air is blooming and refreshing our faces with dew drops seems to me it’s going to rain soon and we will get strawberries juice.

Roosheena: Yeah Mam! So true i loved today’s weather and especially our strawberries land blooms with this type of weather.

Aaliya: You know we worked so peacefully and diligently at farm and now we have grown so many sweet strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes in our farms i want to share some strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes with you.

Roosheena: oh my goodness i would love to have them Mam! I will make tomato soup for Papa and tomato curry and also my favorite strawberry jam.

Aaliya: Yeah sure! Take this Aaliya gives a basket full of strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes to Roosheena!

Roosheena: Thankyou Mam i will keep this at home and will return back.

Aaliya: Give some to sania too as she is also been a great helper at home1

Roosheena: yeah sure i will Mam!

Roosheena goes to home and keeps the basket there inside her kitchen!

Papa: What happened my baby? What did you bring?

Roosheena: Papa Aaliya Mam gave us fresh strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes from her farm land.

Papa: oh great! Tell thanks to her on my behalf!

Roosheena: yeah sure papa!

Roosheena returns back to Aliya’s home

Mam papa is giving thanks to you!

Aaliya: oh! it’s absolutely my pleasure Roosheena my child!

Now here is the baby take good care of her and i shall leave in a moment.

Roosheena: yeah sure Mam!

Sadiq: Iam waiting outside Aaliya come soon! Oh the chatting of ladies

they are chatter boxes he mutters to himself with humph!

Aaliya: iam coming sadiq!

Sadiq: come one we are getting late!

Aaliya: i have already come let’s go!

Roosheena is left alone with a baby,

The baby wakes up and cries

Roosheena makes milk for her and as she was feeding the baby the milk is spilling and making her neck wet roosheena could not find a bib in the caddy and while searching she forgot to burp her and the baby vomit all the milk spills over her jump suit and bang Roosheena searches for washcloth in the caddy but could not find it.

She opens almarah and find one wash cloth and takes out one jump suit, she wipes the baby with a wet wipe and finds the baby is still smelling bad because of vomit. She takes the baby towards the sink and wash her and when she smells again, she is still smelling bad and then she again wash her using baby wash and smell again but the smell do not go completely.

Sania: She arrives! Hey Roosheena what’s going on?

Roosheena: Oh sania! you have come! I have been waiting for you Sania!

Roosheena: There are no bibs and wash cloth for the baby.

Sania: She smells the baby did she vomit?

Roosheena: yes the smell does not go away!

Sania: You have washed her i could see but you need a good baby perfume to let the smell leave.

Our Go strawberries baby shop can help us find a solution to this problem let’s go there!

Roosheena: yeah let’s go!

Uncle Riyaz: Wow young ladies back again! Good tidings!

Roosheena and Sania: Assalaamlaikam Uncle Riyaz!

Uncle Riyaz: walekamsalaam!

How are you ? How is the baby?

Roosheena: She spills milk and wet herself i need some good bibs washcloths and baby perfume for her.

Uncle Riyaz: oh sure we have some lovely soft and cozy bibs washcloths and also a wonderful collection of some baby perfumes.

Roosheena: i want to have a look!

Sania: She helps in selecting! I think this set can be useful!

Roosheena selects some best bibs, washcloths and perfume for the baby the links of such items are here!

1-Bandana bibs

2- Orighty wash cloths

3-Baby magic cologne

Roosheena: Uncle we can take this along and will pay you tomorrow after taking money from Aaliya mam will you mind on this?

Uncle Riyaz: oh sure my child go home taking these items and pay me tomorrow!

Sania: oh my goodness i do not have to go to farm and get the money today amazing thankyou so much uncle!

Uncle Riyaz: your most welcome happy nursing the baby and have a good time!

Roosheena! You too uncle take care and good bye!

When Roosheena was back home,

She unpacks all the items and puts them in the caddy and then she sprays some cologne spray on to the baby and then she covers the baby with a bib and feeds her with milk and after this she uses the soft wash cloth to clean her mouth after the feed!

Sania; here your problem is solved we got the best items from our Go strawberries baby shop.

Roosheena: off-course uncle Riyaz is just the best!

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