Divinity is to be tough!

Poetry contest


It`s sometimes easy to be easy and simple but toughness teaches us to be alert; it makes us live now and has a great presence of mind. Find out how angels send me new year wishes with this message!

I searched with my instinct for the message divine
Thinking that angels befall on me and stars twinkle and shine
But nothing sparkled why
Just a plain sky
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that.

I expected an angel to give a message from the heavens above
Love compassion kindness mercy I expected them to shove
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that
What is my message for this new year tell me?
I prayed hard for angelic messages I like to see

My momma fell sick and life looked empty

I blame my fault to get this punishment

I am depressed I cry for her health

Day and night I prayed harder and harder

Crying for her health I asked to heal

Allah make momma well my eyes shed tears

Tears of repentance to my mistakes I will clear!

Asking to forgive and not punish my mom

I do not know what exactly I do I mourn!

What displeased my god?

I ask him not to punish momma for my sins

I ask you to forgive me and take care of my kin

Nothing more than that

nothing less than that!

The days pass by I cry while praying

Asking for the health of momma oh god my god!

The fresh waters of repentance washed away my sins

Flowers blossomed bloomed in the heavens i`ve seen

I felt light fresh new as if born again

Returned my mother in good health

Returned my joy

Returned my wealth

I felt fresh new as if born again

nothing more than that

nothing less than that!

I was praying hard you see

I fell asleep and in my deep sleep,

Angels calm me
Their iridescent colorful lights surround me
Hum me pet me and cuddle me
I am around their divine aroma you see
They whispered divinity is being tough to me
Farah, you are faultless and sinless open your eyes
Become certain tough bold and determined
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that
Your new year message is to be strong and certain

Wherever you go banfe or Manhattan
Fight for your rights
you will reach a great height.
The purest waterfall from the skies
I am meditating praying with my red eyes
I stood on one wall completely devoted like light.

Nothing more than that

nothing less than that!
I am surrounded by the best of blessings
And good tidings
Angels heavens above are singing and humming.

I hear a family voice so familiar to my ears

I cannot forget that voice that kind voice I hear

As if they know my soul for thousands of years
There comes the fresh feeling as I have been born again
With the divine message of goodwill relieved all my pain.
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that.

With love

Farah Naaz

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