How to get the treasure that is hidden and gifted to you by god!

Hazrath Ali(R.A) Says that everyone is gifted and granted a treasure that is hidden by god, and it is written for one and all!

Allah has kept something very special and precious, a priceless treasure that does not come your way due to your own worldly desires and sins.

If you become a person who empties your soul from the below three things, you will be granted that hidden treasure that Allah has secretly kept for you.

1- Become a person without envy:

After living more than 30 years of my life, I can surely say with certainty that all human beings are envious.

If you can`t sleep, you envy the person who sleeps

if you can`t eat, you envy the person who eats

if you can`t find happiness in a relationship, your energy blocks others from getting united in your presence.

If you don`t have money, you envy the person who is rich

if you are sick; you envy the healthy person

if you have developed wrinkles and grey hair; you envy the young and beautiful.

That`s how life goes; we come across envy every day in our lives, and our hearts empties from this emotion.

You will achieve hidden success and something which Allah has been hiding from you due to your daily routine envy.

It`s greatly satisfying and calming to say to someone that I am happy in your happiness may Allah bless you with more!

2- Become a person without greed:

A greedy person is someone who wants to have everything for himself or herself and does not like to share it with others. The minute you are selfish, you are a failure, and the minute you are giving, you are a success. If we learn to share with others, we will soon realize that our sharing has benefitted one and all others. But when you do not share, that thing goes to waste.

For example, if you cook a sweet dessert, you want to reserve this special dish for yourself, your family, and no one else. You will soon realize that no one likes it or eats it, and then one day, you throw it in the garbage, but when you share it with your relatives and friends and also keep some for you and your family, then it receives blessings from Allah, and everybody enjoys it.

3- Become a person without lust:

I researched this subject and came to know that overeating non-veg develops lust inside humans. And fasting and eating vegetables and fruits can help to come out of it.

It`s a great achievement to come out of your lust.

Come out of your lust, and purify your soul with positive thoughts that benefit one and all.

If you become a person who is without envy, greed and lust then for that person Allah opens the doors and shows the path of heavens and skies and you will achieve and see something which is hidden from this world.

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