Let`s go walk!

This is a beautiful poem by my father Mohammed Yousuf Uddin with my English translation.


Manzil ki justajoo mein kai karwaan chale

waqt guzar jayega in baatoun mein

Be chehrgi ki shaher mein jaane kahan chale

To reach the destination do the task let`s go walk!

Don`t waste your time in useless loose talk!

there is a lot of noise in the city I don`t know where to walk!

Yaadi saba chale kabhi baade hazaa chale

Mehroomiyan wa ghum mere saath is tarah

jaise ke saath saath koi meherbaan chale

I Walk in the morning and in the evening I walk

I have sorrows and grief with me walking

like a kind shadow a friend they walk!

Aaker khizaan thhaher gayi gulistaan mein

Jab chhod ker chaman ko kai baaghbaan chale

Winter and snow have spoiled the harvest and floral gardens

When gardeners leave for the warmer place they walk!

Malik ne paar kerdiya Yousuf ki naav ko

behre adab mein yun toh kai kashtiyaan chale!

God has helped me reach my destination and has crossed my boat

By the way, there were many boats on the sea that walk!

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