Secret benefits of doing ablution wudu

All must be knowing that ablution or wudu is performed before offering prayer 5 times a day in Islam many know the physical and biological benefits of doing wudu and some also knew the spiritual benefits but I want to highlight a secret benefit of being in a state of wudu below.

1-Wudu keeps you away from sins and helps you lower your gaze:

When we are in the state of ablution we make efforts to be in ablution as more as possible and in this way, we make extra efforts to be clean and be away from sins and wrongdoings and also lower our gaze if we accidentally come across profanity while watching tv. And wudu also stops you from telling lies I have always seen people swearing that they are telling truth because they are in wudu.

2-Wudu protects you from negative energy and mishaps:

If you be in a state of ablution (wudu) Allah and his angels will make a protective shield around you and they will protect you from all which is negative, evil and also protect you from mishaps and accidents, or injuries.

3-Wudu helps you in getting matters in your favor:

Suppose you are going to attend an interview for that important job if you be in a state of wudu the angels continuously shower mercy and blessings from Allah and thus it will help you in vibrating calm and positive energy which makes people agree and convinced with you and take the decision in your favor.

4-Wudu keeps you protected from poisonous and biting animals:

Once an old woman was walking on the street 4 big dogs came running and barking and then when they came near her they stopped barking and went away. She was questioned why did they run away from her as they were looking so angry and rebellious. She simply answered I was in a state of wudu.

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