The food to increase the power of your brain

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said that when you feed your stomach with food when hungry you have to feed your brain too.

One Man asked Imam Ali (R.A)

What is the food for the brain?

Imam Ali (R.A) Said the food for your brain is good thoughts, positive thoughts, and thoughts for doing good for the creation of Allah on earth.

Allah has created a door of angels in the heavens up above in the middle of the sky and those angels allow humans who think good for others and always will to do good for the creation of Allah.

And negative thoughts spoil your brain and its power.

If you want to increase the power of your brain then hug it with good and positive thoughts daily all around you.

And Imam Ali (R.A) Said good thoughts for every creation starts with forgiving.

Have genuine compassion and kindness in your heart and forgive others then start the infinite ocean of your good thoughts for yourself and for others.

If you really want to be hugged with positive thoughts daily then you must maintain a journal and a planner to do this.

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