The hidden secret blessing behind sharing

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said when you share your bounties with less fortunate people then you become a part of me and I become a part of you.

The hidden secret blessing of sharing is

Allah has kept a share for poor and needy people for all which you have and possess and he increases the blessings of those things which have been shared.

The common man does not understand this secret hidden share that he has in his hands which is actually meant for poor and needy people, he spends his wealth on gambling, discos, alcohol, parties, games, fun, and other unnecessary stuff which is not required and which is considered a luxury.

Ultimately when he consumes wealth in this way he falls sick and the amount which has to be shared among the poor and needy will go to paying bills.

Or else sometimes Allah snatches away barakah from this wealth and whatever he spends does not possess any blessing and it only harms rather than doing good and all his spending goes to waste because nobody could benefit from it.

Final thoughts:

So make a habit of sharing as sharing is caring and whatever you have and possess if you share with others Allah will increase blessings everywhere for you.

And Prophet Mohammed (saw) would be so pleased with you that it is his wording that you will become a part of him.

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