The meaning of Ilham and it`s benefits!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said Ilham is something that a human mind cannot understand completely, but it can grasp its true meaning.

Once Imam Ali (R.A) Was giving a sermon to his disciples and followers, and one man asked him

Ya Ali what is ilham?

Imam Ali (R.A) said Ilham is connected to Allah and deep spirituality; a human mind which is focused on this world and its pleasures cannot completely understand it.

That Man replied

Ya, Ali, if I cannot understand it, then please make me understand in a way that I will at least grasp its true meaning.

Imam Ali (R.A) Said How Allah had created energy in the physical body; likewise, Allah has also created energy in the soul.

How Allah has created legs to shift the human body from one place to another; likewise, to make the soul travel to places Allah has created knowledge of Nayla.

Your soul does not always stay in your body but can separate from your body and see you after getting separated.

How Allah has created eyes for you to see this world; likewise, Allah has created hidden and secret energy for the soul to see and look.

And this energy, this hidden and secret power of the soul, is known as Ilham.

Remember How you look and see things with your eyes and get knowledge; likewise, a soul can see and look with the help of Ilham and get to know the secrets of this universe.

But the sad news is that human beings are so busy in this world:

And its pleasures and they get so much indulged and grounded towards the fake glitters of this world that they get far towards reaching their soul and understanding its true identity.

A human wanders and roams and runs toward the pleasures of this world, and he is left unknown and ignorant towards his own power and energy of his soul.

A human who keeps himself away from the pleasures and glitters of this world and keeps his soul clean from sins Allah will grant that person this power called Ilham with which he can get the divine messages from the heavens above and will get to know the true meaning of this world and this universe.

Allah has created an angel for the person who does good deeds to help the poor and keep himself away from sins:

And that angel walks with him in the journey of his life like a true friend, and you must not disappoint that angel with your bad deeds; otherwise, he will run away from you.

That Angel will provide you messages about the future and about the future of this universe through Ilham.

The divine path of this angel with you is called the path of Nayla, and the divine messages you will receive are called Ilham.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said if any human understands his soul and life:

then this universe will become his disciple and time will be in his favor the news before becoming a news pass through him as a divine message and this is called Ilham to attain this power and this position.

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