The true unnoticed traits of humanity!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said some traits in your character define your level of humanity.

1-Your tears reach perfection when it comes to falling looking at others’ pains and suffering. And angels above purchase them from Allah because they are too much precious to describe.

2- Search for people with beautiful hearts because beautiful-looking people are many but people with beautiful hearts are few.

3- In this physical world on earth material things perish and break but human beings are different and special they become successful after hurting falling and breaking themselves.

4- Humanity is a great treasure do not search it by looking at people`s garments but search it in humans.

5- The people who remember death become happy with the less and feel gratitude towards Allah.

6- When your good times are moving, your mistake is also taken as a joke among people, but when your bad time comes, your joke will also look like a mistake to people.

7- A person`s humanity ends when he starts laughing at others’ pains and suffering.

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