The wonders of giving charity

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Said that charity can change your life and convert bad into good!

Once Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was having a conversation with a poor man in his villa and just that time Angel Jibrael entered with a message from Allah.

He said Ya Rasool Allah (SAW) his life is only till zuhar tomorrow and he is going to die tomorrow!

There comes tears in the eyes of Prophet Mohammed (saw)

He asked that poor man what he likes.

He said he do not have money as he is very poor so he can`t effort to eat sweets and he is fond of eating sweet. And just because he is very poor he cannot get married.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) called his guard disciples and arranged his quick marriage and when he went home with his wife he ordered his guards to surround themselves to his house if any sobbing or crying voices comes to inform him immediately.

The guards were roaming around his house, and no crying but laughing voices comes from his home.

Next day

Prophet Mohammed (saw) asked the poor man how his marriage went did he eat the sweets that he send him on his wedding night?

That poor man replied

“Ya Rasool Allah (SAW) Just when i was about to start eating my dinner with my new wife one beggar knocked my door and he wa too much hungry i gave him all my food including the sweets which you gave me.

Then Angel Jibrael came and informed

Allah loves the people who give charity and help others and when he fed that beggar he made Duaa

May Allah grant him a good life and let him be always happy in his life.

Allah cannot resist this prayer and he increased his lifespan because of his charity and beggars Duaa for him.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) bowed down in Sajdah and prostrated then and there with tears of joy in his eyes and brought good news and good wishes for people with a healing message from Allah that

Allah will increase lifespan and convert bad into good if you help others, take their prayers, and do charity.

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