Best tips for good quality sleep heal spiritually!

You must not know the value of good quality sleep. Your sleep is the central part of your physical health but the main foundation of good health and good sleep is something spiritual find out below:

If you are struggling to sleep so here is one of the well-researched and well-experienced tips.

1- Tip no:1 Do not try and force yourself to sleep: 

Never try or force yourself to sleep, this is one of the worst mistakes to do. Just relaxing and taking a rest is enough.

2- Tip no:2 Do not be angry with yourself:

 If you are unable to sleep then don`t scold yourself to sleep and get angry with your mind. Keep quiet, calm down, and take a deep breath. Drink a glass of cool water, go to the washroom, or read a book.

3- Tip no:3 Empty your mind:

 Put off the computer of your running mind, stop it, and empty your mind from running thoughts, Do not give any emotion to any thought, do not put any pressure on your mind just make it lose.

4- Forgive yourself and others:

 If you are angry with yourself or others then just forgive yourself let go and forgive others. Just make everything let go and relax. Forgive not because they deserve your forgiveness but because you deserve peace and happiness.

5- Do not complain and be loyal to your sleep:

 You complain that you could not sleep do not do that because you were not loyal to your sleep. When you went to sleep you were not actually sleeping you were thinking and forcing and getting angry and being restless just relax let go and rest.

6- Taking a nap:

 Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to take nap and it is sunnah the devil can never take a nap because it is a noble and good habit. And napping improves your immune system and revitalizes and rejuvenates you. It charges your battery and gives energy to your body and brain. Do not ignore whenever you feel like sleeping take a good nap. 

7- Take rest:

 Stop the habit of running thoughts with emotions in your mind, give a break, and take a rest. As resting and taking nap is equal to good sleep that`s all that your body needs. Resting also improves the functioning of your body system.

These were one of the above best tips to sleep.

The best way to improve the quality of your sleep is to work hard to shed sweat during the day, and give some exercise to your body this requires energy and your passion to work hard for a living.

If you lack passion and motivation then this comes from life force energy and this life force energy often becomes blocked due to sins.

As our soul shouts and screams from inside and puts weight on our chest when a human does sin. This often leads to anxiety and hypertension.

Offer sincere prayer to god ask him to forgive you and then sleep like how a baby sleeps without any worry and tension free.

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