Buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said Buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty!

It is shocking to know why Imam Ali (R.A) said this. You must be thinking strange as we must help poor people if they are selling something we must buy it. Then why Moula Ali (R.A) said this?

why he said that in one more scripture, he said

If you see some poor person is hungry and not finding any food then realize that someone somewhere has snatched away his share of food.

He also said that Allah has done justice to all mankind he has distributed equally to everyone’s share of provisions but it is because of injustices and wrong decisions of mankind which lead to poverty in this world.

It is stunning to know that there is one main reason why Moula Ali (R.A) said that buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty. He said because in those times,

Why a poor person sells bread?

When he or she needs bread more than others?

When he or she is more hungry and in pain than others?

The poor person sells bread out of desperation for getting some money to eat. That person is in pain and that person is suffering from poverty.

Instead of buying bread from that person, return his bread and give him money so that he lives and survives try to provide him sustenance based on their qualities, skills, and talents but don`t you buy bread from him? It is like he is selling his poverty and you are buying poverty from that person. It is invisible, you can`t look at it. But human beings exchange energies when in contact and that energy can be positive or negative and even weak or strong empowered with what kind of emotion you are putting into it.

And it is a wise saying that you can only give others what you have!

If you have love in your heart you can give that and if you have hate you can give that and hurt people always hurt others because what they received from this world is poverty and hurt and in the same, they give or send it back to you.

Why trouble and bother a poor person who is in pain and buy bread from him instead of it try to relieve his pain and give him comfort and protection? If Allah has made you rich share that richness and help poor people.

3 habits that can make you a genius

Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) said a genius person has these 3 habits.

And whoever develops those habits become a genius. And no one can stop them from ruling this world.

A man came one day to Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) and asked him

Oh, the child of Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) What makes a person wise, intelligent, and successful?

Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) said oh the creation of Allah there are mainly 3 traits that make any individual very quick, mentally powerful, wise and successful.

First one: If any person has a habit of avoiding wasteful arguments and instead of it engage in creating new ideas and solutions with their mind.

 That person is not wise who grabs and grasps vast knowledge but the wise and intelligent person is the one who knows how to fix things by collecting and gathering similarities, finding equality and commonalities, or creating new ideas with their mind. A person who knows well to create ideas will fix even the disordered and broken things.

The second habit is: A wiser person is always aware of his flaws, imperfections, and mistakes.

 He does not encourage his flattery and praising and does not crave praise and appreciation. He knows his own self and personality so well that he does not need others to acknowledge it.

Remember that people who are aware of their own flaws and mistakes and try to rectify them and who have knowledge about their own good qualities are the people who open for themselves new doors of success and opportunities daily.

And people who are intoxicated in self-praise and their own good qualities will become blind to their own flaws and they by their own hands open the route of failures in their lives. They live with their own ego me, me, and only me.

And the third habit is: A wiser person has an amazing ability to understand others’ emotions and pains:

 because he has his third eye opened and his sixth sense works wonders. With this ability, that person wins the heart of others and thereby makes successful relationships and gathers success in every way.

If you see these 3 qualities in any person then assure yourself that nobody can stop this person from becoming successful because success is practically hidden inside these 3 habits.

Have command over your thoughts to have a command over this world

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said thought is like a seed sown into your brain if you encourage the same thought again and again and make it powerful then that seed will develop into a strong well built tree.

So have positive thoughts and develop only positive thoughts and not negative ones.

If you want to have a command over your continuous running thoughts then don`t give any attention to negative thoughts and avoid watching hearing and looking at negative things and even avoid reading negative issues. If you give power to positive thoughts and let go and just dispose of all negative thoughts at the same time they appear in your brain then this habit will make you one day a winner. And practically a positive winner who will vibrate soothing healing and positive energy like a light wherever you go.

Sometimes negative thoughts run so continuously in your brain that you fail and become depressed instead of doing this you can dispose of the running continuous thoughts continuously.

Have a will and become a strong fighter:

If you have a strong will to dispose of all the negative thoughts at the same time they get inside your brain then you will win.

Sometimes thoughts do not leave you they echo and run so continuously and bother you a lot it is only at this stage you have got to become a continuous fighter. You have to fight these negative thoughts continuously and become unstoppable when you do this no one can and nothing can fail you.

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Rare unknown 7 secrets to success!

Here is the list of 7 very rare never heard never known ancient secrets to success which you can cherish and remember all your life take a notebook and write down them and I bet you are never going to regret learning these secrets!

Secret no :1 Take a loan from Allah and he doubles it to your credit.

Taking a loan from Allah is like doing good to the creation of Allah and he will benefit and profit the one who does good and benefit his creation.

Secret no:2 Sins done with tongue and the secret to get rid of all the sins associated with tongue easily:

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said most of your sins are only because of your tongue just imagine if we come to know the secret trick to get rid of all the sins and use your tongue wisely.

Secret no :3 The Secret of doing wise deeds and How to Become an intelligent thinker and Doer:

Before doing anything if we question ourselves Does Allah become pleased if you do this?

What Prophet Mohammed (SAW) would have done if he would be here?

If you ask yourself these questions you can never go wrong and you will stop doing wrong forever. Like this, there are many miracle secrets that can open up your eyes and raise your eyeballs.

Secret no:4 Absence of patience the root cause of all problems and feuds:

Allah says in Quraan that he is with the one who is patient. And Allah also states that Anger and ego come from satan.

Secret no:5 Gratitude is the way to success and abundance not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

Allah loves the one who thanks him and always sends thanks for everything and never complains. In Quraan he questions mankind I have provided you with so many blessings and bounties will you still not be thankful?

Secret: 6 Compassion is the miracle emotion that provides a solution to all your problems and ends it.

Compassion is like a powerful magic and it creates success stories and wonders.

Secret: 7 The greatness and miracle in remembrance of Allah and power of duaa:

When you do not remember Allah you are inviting satan into your life.

No calamity befall on mankind except by the will of Allah. And Allah is with patient and compassionate.

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Secret to save secrets!

Once you slip the secret from your tongue to someone it is no longer a secret.

And once the secret is slipped from the tongue it is delivered to others who misuse this information and make it into a spicy gossip.


You will be in the hot headlines of today at parties and social gatherings and you will also be put to shame among people.

All this happens only because you told away your secret to someone.

And the other thing which happens is you trusted someone and shared your secret with someone who broke your trust and made you a form of ridicule among others.

You must be surely obviously feeling very hurt and you must have promised yourself that you are never going to trust anybody again.

This is called the world and this world runs this way.

That`s the reason why Moula Ali (R.A) said your secret is safest with no one but yourself.

And Hazrath Ali (R.A) also stated that achieve your goals in silence.

It clearly means when you are doing something good don`t share it with anyone till you complete the task successfully and till you achieve success.

Success stories are created in silence and loneliness accompanied by hard work.

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