Rare unknown 7 secrets to success!

Here is the list of 7 very rare never heard never known ancient secrets to success which you can cherish and remember all your life take a notebook and write down them and I bet you are never going to regret learning these secrets!

Secret no :1 Take a loan from Allah and he doubles it to your credit.

Taking a loan from Allah is like doing good to the creation of Allah and he will benefit and profit the one who does good and benefit his creation.

Secret no:2 Sins done with tongue and the secret to get rid of all the sins associated with tongue easily:

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said most of your sins are only because of your tongue just imagine if we come to know the secret trick to get rid of all the sins and use your tongue wisely.

Secret no :3 The Secret of doing wise deeds and How to Become an intelligent thinker and Doer:

Before doing anything if we question ourselves Does Allah become pleased if you do this?

What Prophet Mohammed (SAW) would have done if he would be here?

If you ask yourself these questions you can never go wrong and you will stop doing wrong forever. Like this, there are many miracle secrets that can open up your eyes and raise your eyeballs.

Secret no:4 Absence of patience the root cause of all problems and feuds:

Allah says in Quraan that he is with the one who is patient. And Allah also states that Anger and ego come from satan.

Secret no:5 Gratitude is the way to success and abundance not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

Allah loves the one who thanks him and always sends thanks for everything and never complains. In Quraan he questions mankind I have provided you with so many blessings and bounties will you still not be thankful?

Secret: 6 Compassion is the miracle emotion that provides a solution to all your problems and ends it.

Compassion is like a powerful magic and it creates success stories and wonders.

Secret: 7 The greatness and miracle in remembrance of Allah and power of duaa:

When you do not remember Allah you are inviting satan into your life.

No calamity befall on mankind except by the will of Allah. And Allah is with patient and compassionate.

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