Secret to save secrets!

Once you slip the secret from your tongue to someone it is no longer a secret.

And once the secret is slipped from the tongue it is delivered to others who misuse this information and make it into a spicy gossip.


You will be in the hot headlines of today at parties and social gatherings and you will also be put to shame among people.

All this happens only because you told away your secret to someone.

And the other thing which happens is you trusted someone and shared your secret with someone who broke your trust and made you a form of ridicule among others.

You must be surely obviously feeling very hurt and you must have promised yourself that you are never going to trust anybody again.

This is called the world and this world runs this way.

That`s the reason why Moula Ali (R.A) said your secret is safest with no one but yourself.

And Hazrath Ali (R.A) also stated that achieve your goals in silence.

It clearly means when you are doing something good don`t share it with anyone till you complete the task successfully and till you achieve success.

Success stories are created in silence and loneliness accompanied by hard work.

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