Buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said Buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty!

It is shocking to know why Imam Ali (R.A) said this. You must be thinking strange as we must help poor people if they are selling something we must buy it. Then why Moula Ali (R.A) said this?

why he said that in one more scripture, he said

If you see some poor person is hungry and not finding any food then realize that someone somewhere has snatched away his share of food.

He also said that Allah has done justice to all mankind he has distributed equally to everyone’s share of provisions but it is because of injustices and wrong decisions of mankind which lead to poverty in this world.

It is stunning to know that there is one main reason why Moula Ali (R.A) said that buying bread from a poor person leads to poverty. He said because in those times,

Why a poor person sells bread?

When he or she needs bread more than others?

When he or she is more hungry and in pain than others?

The poor person sells bread out of desperation for getting some money to eat. That person is in pain and that person is suffering from poverty.

Instead of buying bread from that person, return his bread and give him money so that he lives and survives try to provide him sustenance based on their qualities, skills, and talents but don`t you buy bread from him? It is like he is selling his poverty and you are buying poverty from that person. It is invisible, you can`t look at it. But human beings exchange energies when in contact and that energy can be positive or negative and even weak or strong empowered with what kind of emotion you are putting into it.

And it is a wise saying that you can only give others what you have!

If you have love in your heart you can give that and if you have hate you can give that and hurt people always hurt others because what they received from this world is poverty and hurt and in the same, they give or send it back to you.

Why trouble and bother a poor person who is in pain and buy bread from him instead of it try to relieve his pain and give him comfort and protection? If Allah has made you rich share that richness and help poor people.

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