Unknown reasons for someone`s continuous success!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said, “He who knows how to keep his secrets knows the way to success.”


There are mainly 3 reasons that can be the root cause of your failure.

1- Porn and adultery:

Allah hates these sins.

These sins are trending and the invention of a new modern world. If you fear Allah stay away from these bad habits and keep yourself chaste. Allah will bless you and increase your provision and barakah in your life.

2- Backbiting:

Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) said backbiting is one habit that is the cause of any person`s failure in life.

I admire the people who talk about education, knowledge, sports, politics, and self-improvement.

But it is often disappointing to listen to unnecessary backbiting. It seriously upset your lord.

3- uncontrollable tongue and temper:

Mostly the people who have uncontrollable tongues and tempers are actually clean-hearted people who just burst out with frustration because they are deeply hurt from inside and those hurts are very old and deep. But these clean-hearted people do not realize that because of their temper, they lose good friends and because of their uncontrollable tongues they slip secrets from their tongue and other bad people take advantage of them.

And there are mainly 3 reasons unknown that can be the root cause of your continuous success.

1- Being chaste and clean-heart:

The people whose heart is chaste, a heart that does not have lust and physical or materialistic desires, a heart that does not have any jealousy, envy, anger, hate, pride, and a heart that is forgiving and bows down in prostration. And a heart that is faithful then Allah loves this person and blesses his or her life with success and unknown blessings and barakah in life.

2- Being silent and not backbiting:

Nowadays wherever I see backbiting is present, people have fun backbiting about each other. They make fun of each other, laugh aloud, and enjoy if someone is suffering and in pain. They are indifferent to each other and backbite daily. Allah does not give barakah in their life and their time just flies away without completing important tasks. These people become the victim of continuous procrastination.

3- Having control over your tongue:

The people who practice silence, speak less, and do not become excited about little things of life know how to control their tongue and keep their secrets, they secretly work hard and achieve success.

Some people are foolish, they trust others very quickly and reveal all of their secrets in front of them, not knowing what kind of energy that person can pass onto them like the energy of secret hatred, anger, the energy of fear, and doubt.

They can doubt your capabilities and qualities and they can secretly fear your success. They must be thinking very little about you and will get afraid if they find that you are planning to come up in life.

Beware don`t slip the secrets from your tongue, success makes noise in silence.

In Conclusion:

If you obey Allah and his commands and do not break his laws Allah will bless you with countless bounties and if you break the laws Allah will leave you. In Surah Taghabun Allah says “No calamity can befall on Mankind except by my leave.”

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