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Iam Farahnaaz

Iam a content creator!I love creating fresh and new content be it a story, an essay, an article, a research paper, or images, gifs and videos, journal, planners, presentation a course and the list goes on I play around creating different types of content.

And i love to create something new and something different all the time.

I am a story creator who can create as many fairytales and stories as possible infinitely.

My favourite essential is Biryani and i cannot live without it.

I focus on health, relationships, people, fantasy and love in my writings.

My Father is an urdu poet so iam also an author and a poet.

Well my journey goes like my name suggest i always be happy and i have passion to create fantasy and poetry. If anybody ask me to write poem i can write for them then and there and hand it over to them in just 5 minutes.

 i have gone through two terrible divorces and one broken engagement and my two daughters has been snatched away from me. They are USA Citizens and they right now staying in India Hyderabad itself but i can`t even talk to them or forget about talking I didn’t even see their faces since 3 and a half years. And nobody cares my daughter`s father is a very heartless and cruel person he did not allow them to meet me.

Now iam married and blessed with two little infant daughters and i stay with my husband and two babies my daughters but still in my mind i remember my previous daughters and want to see how they have grown up.

To make long story shorter i want to say that all this tragedy happen with me because of my defenceless nature i did not take defence when someone offend me i tolerated everything sobbed and became helpless like damsel in distress where there was no hero to save.

What happened is people took advantage of my innocense and defenceless nature and my husband gives a reason for divorce as childishness.

He proved in court that iam childish and incapable of looking after and raising children so he snatched away my daughters and the reason for not letting me meet them is he don`t want to spoil the brain of little children and he never want my daughters to become like me so he want to keep them away from me.

But deep in my heart i feel so hurt and i realize that he do all which is possible to make me feel worthless and worse.

I lost the custody case but one thing i quote is

How successfully i failed!

When i was single and crying daily and suffering from depression he brought air condition, heater, inverter painting and was renovating home, then he bought car and he got new job with higher position and high pay and then he hired nanny for children, got married with another girl and is blessed with son everything when i was still single and miserable and was waiting for him.

Then he shifted from rented apartment to new home of his own.

I always wondered why all these developments happening after he forcibly divorced me and snatched away my children, he did bad and why Allah is doing good to him.

Children use to visit me to meet me when i was single but when their father came to know i got married, they stopped sending children to my mommy`s home.

Now no matter how much i try i am unable to meet them and talk to them.

I believe in Allah i suffered so much alone i was in depression, i lost my job and then i could see him getting married in front of my very eyes. It was all heart breaking and to tell more hurting was his bad treatment and torture.

When i was with him he never gave me a mobile, i was not allowed to meet my parents and talk to them on phone. I was not having good clothes to wear only few like poor people who stay in hut wears he do not care to buy me any clothes or anything which i want. Iam not allowed to use laptop and iam not allowed to go anywhere or talk to anybody else not even neighbours.

My children are not allowed to meet my parents.

I was treated worse than beggars in his home i realize whatever happens happens for the good!

If i would have been his wife i would not be writing this today. Staying with him was like a jail and i came out of it finally iam free.

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