7 most loved deeds by god!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said “A bad deed which you regret in your heart is a thousand times better than a good deed on which you feel proud.

Allah hates pride and ego and if you knew the tendency of how much Allah hates pride you would never sit on a chair you would sit on the grounds with poor people.


Here are the 7 most rare deeds that Allah loves when you do for him:

1:True repentance: 

Allah loves a sincere sorry and a true tauba an honest repentance from the heart. Allah does not look at how many sheep you slaughter at Eid, he does not count on how much money you spend on picnics and your kitty parties. But a true tauba which you do with your heart, Allah is fond of this deed. He is all merciful compassionate and forgiving.

2-A fearful heart:

Allah loves it when you stop doing bad deeds by remembering and fearing Allah. Allah loves when you stop yourself from stealing or doing any bad deed thinking that if no one is looking at me Allah is there above and he is looking at me.


Allah loves fasting, he said that fasting is very dear and special for him and he will reward the one who fasts by himself directly. The fasting is only between him and you.

4-Abandoning pleasures:

Allah loves you when you boycott and abandon pleasures to please him. For example, Allah loves you even more when you leave any bad habit for his sake and when you stop spending your time in a disco and spend that time praying and reading Quraan instead for him.

5- Healing a broken heart: 

Allah shared three secrets with Prophet Mohammed (saaw) on the night of Meraj when Prophet Mohammed (saaw) met him on arsh.

Among these 3 secrets, one secret is

Allah will put that person in Jannah paradise without counting his good or bad deeds before all and before everyone else.

And that person is the one who heals a heart that is oppressed torn and broken.

Allah said when you do things to please him Allah will do things to please you.

6- Showing gratitude:

Allah loves a person who shows gratitude to him for everything and counts the blessings bestowed upon him. And he dislikes the habit of pessimism and ingratitude. In Quraan Allah often mentions at several places questioning humans about gratitude and showing the value of it.

7- Patience:

Allah supports a person who is patient and loves a man who is patient and forgiving, he does not like people who are impatient, hasty, and unforgiving if you do not forgive Allah`s creation how can you expect him to forgive you for your sins then? In Quraan Allah says

innallaha maassabireen it means Allah is with those who are patient.

Why a man is so desperate for acceptance?

Are you edgy and desperate for getting accepted in the society? Are you a people pleaser then this is for you!


Just now

Hazrath Ali(R.A) Said backbiting is the last effort of a weak person desperate for acceptance in society.


Whenever we go to kitty parties, pota lacs, or any social gatherings, weddings, or ceremonies everyone looks out for acceptance. If they do not get acceptance and are being ignored then they feel hurt.

Everyone needs acceptance regarding their pains, struggles, sufferings, and stories.

Everyone wants others to accept whatever they utter from their mouth and it is where the true gathering begins once you accept what someone says you win their attraction and their tell tales begin and you keep on agreeing and nodding your head.

So it moves like this but the point is why are we so desperate for acceptance?

Different people come from different backgrounds they have different stories and different experiences in life why do you always want them to understand you when you know that people differ in their intellectual capacities?

Surely, you will be misunderstood and your opinion can be rejected.

Always think from Allah`s perspective.

Is it worth saying?

If you say or do this Allah will be pleased with you.

If the answer is yes then be sure you are right and you need no one to confirm and accept that you are right.

Have the courage to speak the truth and face the truth when no one accepts it.

Your real examination starts when people object to whatever you are doing and saying and it is very difficult to handle them but it is not impossible.

You do not need to try hard to make them accept you and your opinion.

You don`t even need to try hard to make them feel that they are wrong.

It is not about who is right and who is wrong it is about what is right and true!

It is only about having the courage to speak the truth and present the facts in front of people who reject you. Remember backbiting is the last effort of a weak person so be strong and stand with your opinion.

The people who are passing objections are the ones who are not comfortable with your truth and have less patience and capacity to digest the solid truth that you utter for the good of society. Or simply they could not get you right.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said The new truth is always unaccepted and rejected first but later it will be accepted by all. And something that is not objected to and easily accepted is not a strong truth.

Feelings are the language of god!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said a body from which the soul comes out and dies is called a dead human and a man without feelings is not even a human.


Someone asked Moula Ali (R.A)

Ya Ali (R.A) which person is the most precious and special before Allah?

Moula Ali (R.A) replied that a person who has a strong feeling towards his or her responsibilities and always fulfills his or her responsibilities is the most precious and special person before Allah.

Iam not talking about selfish feelings and negative emotions like anger, lust, hatred, or pride.

When soul`s voice come? and when do you receive these divine messages from Allah?

This voice has no sound and it is not audible nobody can hear it and it has no language yet it is a voice that is unheard, unknown, supernatural, and top secret voice that only a soul can feel.

The deep-down feelings are a voice that comes first before every voice and every audible message.

The profound feeling of a voice of your soul that comes just after you wake up from your sleep.

The voice that shouts and scolds you if you do wrong. The voice that punishes you with the feeling of depression, sorrow, and guilt if you are on mistake and wrong.

The voice that speaks the truth always and guides you towards the right path.

The voice that warns you before you make a mistake or do something wrong.

The voice inside you that says enough is enough and it`s time for a change.

The voice inside you that gives correct intuitions and messages regarding situations and people.

The voice that tells you secretly if someone is harming your divine aura and stealing your life force energy.

The voice that says to deal with everything with kindness, understanding, and compassion for all.

These are our feelings.

This is our soul which is speaking to us and it is directly connected to Allah.

And he is the one who is sending you these true messages.

Listen to this voice do not ignore it.

And if you start listening to these messages remember and be sure Allah is always with you if you remember him he will remember you.

If you take one step towards him he will take 100 steps towards you and If you walk towards him he will run for you.

Change the software of your mind to make miracles in your life!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said, “Your thoughts make your fate.”


This is a very famous quote of Moula Ali(R.A) The lion of Allah

“Look out for your thoughts for they will become your words,

Look out for your words for they will become your actions,

Look out for your actions for they will become your habits,

And look out for your habits for they will become your character,

Look out for your character for that will become your fate.”

Our Mind is faster than a computer it runs with whatever program you install in it.

The Students who have learned computer programming or software engineering or are in the process of learning programming must know what I am speaking about.

We have many computer programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C and C++

Whatever program we install and run in our computer executes and gives results. In the same way, our brain is more than a computer and it also runs with what program we put into it.

Suppose we feed our brain daily with negative thoughts, bad news, and negative emotions then this program will execute and give practical results

And if we feed our brains with love compassion and kind or positive thoughts and emotions daily then this new program will execute and give results as time moves forward.

So we must know how our subconscious mind which is 90% stronger than the conscious mind runs.

There can be many but I know 8 ways you can program your subconscious mind to attract health wealth success and infinite joy into your life.

1- Write down:

 Whatever you dream of and personally desire write it down daily and keep a record of it. Make it into a story that looks real and read the story daily as if you have already achieved it or the universe is showering you with all those things.

2- Affirm with your tongue:

 For example, if you say a child doesn’t jump you will fall the little child will believe that she or he will fall. Words possess power and they create energy and vibrations so say good things offer prayer ask god to grant you all you desire and have a positive belief and affirmation daily.

3- Visualization: 

Do you know one top secret about our subconscious mind it runs through images so visualization is the most important part of your program. And I know generally we look a fool if we spend time daydreaming and visualizing but we can create an animated movie out of the success story of our dreams. Like how you created a story and a script to write down read and affirm daily now give it an image make it into a movie of your dreams and watch this movie daily. You can also have a vision board inside your room where you can stick all of your positive affirmations and important images onto your board to read and look at daily.

4- Don`t procrastinate work harder to achieve what you want: 

Do I need to be practical here Allah cannot save you if you jump into the well and have a firm belief in god that Allah will save me because Allah helps those who help themselves in the same way if you make honest and loyal efforts towards your goals and work hard and then believe that Allah will give you rewards then congratulations you are right. So do not procrastinate and work hard as your subconscious mind also supports habits and routines.

The famous and great Aristotle said you are what you repeatedly do excellence then is not an act but a habit.

5- Repetitions and consistency is the key to success:

 Habits are formed when you do something repeatedly and achieve mastery of it.

6- Whatever you give out that`s what you get:

 It`s the game of energy and vibrations what energy you vibrate outside the same energy returns back to you. Like attracts like and your vibe attracts your tribe. So shun negative feelings which you have for this world and others and forgive then have positive vibrations of love and infinite joy.

7- Become like what you want to attract:

 Millions no not millions almost everyone wants to attract money into their life but what they forget is you attract what you are.

Money gives peace, comfort, satisfaction, and happiness and if you become like money you automatically attract money. It means become someone who gives joy and comfort to others then you will automatically attract money.

8- The subconscious mind lives in here and now and there is no past and no tomorrow to it: 

take your subconscious mind as a powerful angel or magical person who has a mindset of only here and now. It does not understand the past and tomorrow whatever emotion you cultivate the same will flourish into your life. So make a beautiful garden out of your life.

As I said before our mind is like a strong computer so put nice and positive software into it and you will get nice and positive results.

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11 untold smarter ways to achieve your goals faster

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said, “Laziness is a blight of success.”


Lazy and procrastinating people who are impatient and quit their path can never achieve their goals.

The smartest way to achieve your goals!

After learning these methods your pals will envy you and wonder what you did to achieve this great success.

There are mainly 11 smart and untold methods to achieve your goals.

1- Make an idea and visualize your end goal: 

An idea is everything because great things happen with great ideas. And an amazing idea is like a light in your life. It shows hope when there is no hope to move forward in life. You must visualize an end result like getting an award for writing a great screenplay.

2- Make a Master plan to achieve your goal and make that idea into reality:

 You must give some hours to yourself to contemplate your idea into reality and make a deep Master plan to achieve it. Planning takes time but it`s worth it.

3- Put that Master plan into a written form:

 After you have made a Master plan in your head put that plan on a paper. Write down each and everything. And write in a detailed way like a step-by-step guide.

4- Make a goal map and do intensive research on your project:

 If you read Ikigai a famous book on Kindle Amazon you would know what I am talking about. Make a clear goal map describing the path clearly to reach your destination. After making a map or a chart do intensive research on the subject, collect data watch videos, read articles, and just gather information and know the subject deeply and intensively. After your research is completed start creating. And I know everyone knows that you cannot achieve your goal in just one go you must have patience. You must take proper steps towards it.

5- Make a timetable for completing tasks:

 Don`t overload yourself with many tasks in one go, understand your potential and capacity and also the time you can give to the project after analyzing this make a proper timetable for completing one task in one day.

6- Consistency is key to success: 

I know it`s hard you can get distracted, and you can get disturbed by some personal problems or health issues of loved ones in your life but still, you have got to move on and be consistent no matter what, complete your task of the day.

7- Keep it top secret:

 Things we say to others don`t really happen or take much longer time to become reality. Don`t slip secrets from your tongue keep them secret. Work hard in silence so that your result makes a successful noise in the whole world one day instead of making a hush-hush about what you are doing.

8- Pray for your success: 

Sometimes we face many hurdles in our path to reaching our goal I often get stuck with some technical issues that are not easily resolved, these types of distractions encourage us to delay and procrastinate do not lose hope if you cannot solve one task move forward with other things and other tasks which you could do better, have patience take some professional help to resolve that issue later. And if you are stuck Pray to god and god will help you resolve and rectify soon.

9- Follow a healthy morning routine: 

Do you know why because if you are surrounded by bad company and bad habits and if you become sick often you cannot achieve your goal. Boycott those bad habits and cut the cord from the toxic people who do not serve you and only hurt you in some way or the other. Quit the company and work hard Allah will give you boundless rewards for your loyal efforts.

10-Do not quit and never give up move forward with the plan:

 The time will come when pressured to quit like your loved ones are hospitalized, you fell sick, in debt, or parties, ceremonies, picnics, or holidays out. There are always temptations and disturbances but still do not lose hope move forward do not quit as quitters never win and winners never quit.

11- Take baby steps towards success:

 As I said before never overburden yourself with a solid task that you cannot complete in one day. Take very tiny steps towards your goal and no matter what happens in your life give daily one hour to your goal if not one hour give half an hour and if not half an hour give 20 minutes daily and if you cannot give that 20 minutes make a 2-minute rule whenever you find yourself free for 2 minutes in a day give those 2 minutes to your goal and see the difference you are never going to take no for an answer. And one day even the tiniest step will help you reach your goal and your desired destination.

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Your tongue decides your success and failure!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said, “The one who spoils his tongue spoils his life.”

This is really a truth your tongue and the way you speak decide your fate and your future because people support those who speak sweetly and honestly.


He the great lion of Allah also said you must take care of your tongue the way you take care of your wealth.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) Said, “Most of your sins are because of your tongue.”

People make fun of each other laugh at others, play pranks, do backbiting and slander, and make two people fight, utter bad words, and say lies.

All these things are sins!

Allah does not like them.

Further Prophet Mohammed (Saw) also said if anyone takes care of his tongue and private parts, I will give that person a guarantee of paradise.

If we elaborate this hadith’s true meaning is if anyone saves himself from adultery, porn and keeps himself chaste, and does not harm others with his tongue then Allah will put such a person in paradise.

One of my favorite quotes of Hazrath Ali(R.A) which I sincerely follow in my day-to-day life is he once said “You try hard to become good and chaste like how you try harder to look beautiful.”

Seriously Young girls and young women and even men try so hard and spend so much money just to look good, what if we try that much harder every day to become good and chaste and a pious person in front of Allah to please him, that must be our goal.

I always repent daily that is my daily habit, if I happen to make even a tiny mistake or anything that Allah will not like or appreciate I repent in front of Allah and this habit has helped me to heal my depression.

Imam Ali life changing quotes