The best way to control your tongue and avoid problems

Have you ever realized most of your problems and hurdles are because of your own tongue. And even most of our sins are just because of wrong use of tongue.

Just take a look of how many sins we could do only with our tongues

1- telling Lies


3- Backbiting

4- hurting others by making fun of them

5- uttering bad words

6- uttering dirty words

7- gossip

8- criticizing picking others faults

9- Arguing

10- Disrespecting being rude

These are all just because of our tongues and if we control our tongue we can win the people.

The best way to control our tongue is to ask these three questions to yourself before opening your mouth.

1- Is it true?

2- Is it useful?

3- Is it necessary?

And if you by any reason can`t do this then just ask one important question before opening your mouth.

What Prophet Mohammed (saw) would have said or do in this situation?

That`s it you got your perfect answer.

This can save you from avoiding many sins.

Become sinless this is the first step to take towards the success of your spiritual journey.

Prophet Mohammed(saw) says most of your sins are just because of your tongue

and if you control this thing you will achieve something which is very difficult and close to impossible and then Allah will not only reward you with gifts in this world but also great success in your hereafter world.

Hazrath Ali says

A wise man always think and speak but the fool always speak and then feel guilty afterwards.

So instead of feeling guilty afterwards why not make a new habit of thinking first before speaking up.

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Hidden secrets of pure giving

Hidden secrets of pure giving

Do you know the famous proverb what we give we get and it`s actually what energy we give the same energy we get back from others. Here is a precious priceless ancient secret of pure giving.

This secret is what i have really learnt from my daily life! 

The minute you are giving you are a success and the minute you are selfish you are a failure!

Selfishness always destroys 

it can never create bounties for you if not today tomorrow you will see it`s poisonous negative effects where as pure giving without expecting anything in return will make you flourish in life! You can never be happy and fully satisfied if your happiness is the reason behind someone else sorrows and tears. One day definitely you will see that their tears have blocked your life and if not this earth life your spiritual life is completely blocked because of this.

All crime and sin is because of selfishness:

All the crime which happens in this world have you ever noticed and observed it all happens only because of selfish reasons.

And what result the criminal get is guilt, shame, and if caught physical punishments. It destroys their soul and it`s divine energy.

People who have no compassion for one self and others become selfish and here starts their story of destruction.

Self praise and flattering for selfish reasons never give long lasting good results:

Even when you are talking if your talking is mostly self praise and self talk then nobody appreciate it but if you are talking about solving others problems then everyone will crave to listen to you. And flattering never works honest praise do. If you are ever to praise anybody be very honest in your words.

This is how this world runs, what energy you vibrate towards others the same energy you are going to get back one day from others so be cautious it is not what others are doing or saying to you it is only how you react and respond to their behavior.

You can make great friends

 if you let go others faults and forgive others easily it can not only help in healing you but also keeps you calm and peaceful.

And Hazrath Ali says give happiness and light to this world always even if this world hurt you back in return.

Even in our daily activities if we think of making and doing something only to ourselves or our loved one`s then it becomes selfishness but if we share it with everyone it becomes a grand success.

Try it and check it in your daily life and notice if you don`t believe you will be astonished how much successful you are by just adopting the habit of giving and sharing our bounties with oneself and everyone surrounding you.

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Evil eye and it`s negative effects

Envy and a Feeling of Wonder is the Main Cause of the Evil Eye and its Negative Effects.

Evil eye is something which people do not like to talk about in an open way and in public. It is hidden and it is sometimes the root cause of all problems and sickness in your life.What is evil eye?

The poisonous negative rays pass from the person who feels envy and wonder about any person or pass any negative vibe against you which comes and attacks you then is called an evil eye.

What are the negative effects of evil eyes?

People affected by the evil eye will lose something they possess because of wonder and envious feelings coming from others.

Suppose some person is deprived of sleep and has to take sleeping pills to sleep and still is not having quality sleep; if his friend sleeps better than him or her, then the sleep-deprived person will feel envious of that friend. This feeling causes evil eyes, and they suffer from the same condition.

For example: If a 90-year-old woman is healthy and walking fast, then she becomes a source of wonder for all.

People start raising questions and asking about her secrets, and people who are younger than her and suffer from diseases and illness grows envious. Then this feeling of wonder and envy is the main cause of evil eyes.

I myself suffered from evil eyes many times in my life. Apart from the feeling of wonder and other negative emotions, I feel envy is the leading cause of evil eyes.

Hazrath Ali(Ra) quotes that envy is a disease which weakens one`s body and soul and the person who always envy others do not feel peaceful and become distant from Allah.

If you want to connect yourself with the divine superpower and become spiritually powerful, then you must stop feeling envious of others’ blessings.

Envy is something that we can come across almost daily, and we do not realize it.

A person who is sick feels envious of the person who is healthy.

A person who is hungry feels envious of the person who is eating delicious food.

A person who is poor feels envious of the people who have money.

A person who has pimples and scratches on their face feels envious of the person who has bright, flawless skin.

A person who is not happy in marriage feels envious of the couple who are living a happy married life.

This is the real story of evil eyes, and we cannot escape people’s envy, but we can protect ourselves from evil eyes by chanting Quranic verses to protect us against this disease.

It is called Ruqyah

Just type ruqyah for the evil eye on YouTube, and there you will get many miraculous prayers and chants to heal from evil eyes.

“Aoozubikalimaatillahittaammmaaah min kulli shaytaani wa hammmaaa wamin kulli aynillaaammaahh!”recite 3 times!

“Waiyaa kaadul lazeena kafaroo la yuzlikhoona ka bee absaarihim lammaa samiyun zikrun waya khuloon innaahu lamajnoon wama hua illa zikrur ill aalaameen”. recite 11 times

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said “one third of my ummah will be in grave because of evil eyes”.

And it is reported by some spiritual healers that evil eyes are worse than sorcery, witchcraft, and black magic.

We cannot escape from envious people all around us, but we can protect ourselves from them.

precaution is always better than cure if you want to save yourself from evil eyes then refrain from talking about your blessings in front of others especially in front of envious people.

If you want to become spiritually powerful, which is one of your motives in life, then delete envy from your heart.

Never envy anybody, and pray to increase the blessing of others if you see any blessing that others possess.

Envy does not do any good but only destroys and harms. You or the person who is envied do not get any benefit from it.

The best way to permanently remove envy from your mind

is never to peep at what is on another’s plate; look at what is there on your plate, be grateful to Allah, and pray to increase blessings for you and others.

Never peep into others’ plates also means that never look at what others are having and possessing and look at what you have and feel grateful for it.

If you see that you do not have some blessing that your friend or anybody has, then pray for the barakah to make duaa for them.

May Allah give more quality and blessing to that thing your close one possesses. And never forget you do not get what you desire, but you surely get what you deserve, and Allah knows best what you need and deserve at the moment.

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Open your Third Eye step-by-step guide!

The best and correct way to open your Third eye and see what others could not see in this world!

We keep looking and observing things with our eyes, and we do not realize that apart from these eyes, we have one more pair of eyes, the eyes of our soul, which is popularly known as the Third eye.

Our physical eyes could only see things that stop the light and make it into a reflection, and our soul`s eyes could see things that do not stop the light and form a reflection. So remember, Allah has given all human beings not two but four eyes, and the other two eyes are our soul`s eyes. Still, unfortunately, we indulge ourselves in so many desires by passionately looking at things with our physical eyes that we cannot open those beautiful hidden and secret eyes that are our Third eye.

How you can open your Third eye!

There are ten steps to open your Third eye!

1- Become sinless:

Stop doing all which is negative and bad which displeases Allah, be obedient to your Almighty Allah and forgo all types of sins including your gossip which not only waste your precious time but also give you guilt that you are just being sarcastic and criticizing people around you who are just the creation of Allah.

2- Renounce worldly physical desires:

Follow the path of renunciation, and I know this is hard, but you have got to do it if you want to open your Third eye. This also includes your trivial tiny desires of unnecessary spending on luxuries and attending that not required waste of time discos and parties. You can utilize that time studying something valuable and save that money you spend on luxuries for your future.

3-Practice Fasting:

Do you know what fasting does? It works wonders for your physical health and makes you spiritually powerful, enriching your soul with the power of self-control. Yes! You can have immense self-control if you practice regular fasting. The best thing about it is fasting is one of the best ways to control your physical desires and make you spiritually stronger.

4-Give charity and Do Good Deeds:

If you give charity and do good deeds, Almighty Allah would be pleased with you. The one thing we are going to take with us after we die is only our good deeds and nothing else. We are not going to take our bungalow, BMW cars, and that land and property with us. What we are going to take with us is only our good deeds. Don`t you love giving happiness to others? For example, suppose if you help some poor man who is desperately in need of cash for his survival and medical treatment don`t you feel intense satisfaction inside your soul after helping the needy and poor. It empowers your soul and gives it limitless, what we call infinite energy to move forward and create even more goodness in society!


What Allah loves most is the pure repentance from the pure heart! When you sincerely repent, you are washing your soul from sins, and it will revitalize your soul and give it the required energy to open your Third eye.


Gratitude is the second most loved deed, which Allah loves most, and he has mentioned many times in Quraan that if you be grateful, I will rejuvenate your soul and give you more of that blessing. So we must be grateful to Allah for each and every blessing we possess, and that`s what he likes. And in return, he gifts us with fresh life force energy to live our life to the fullest, and this is a great way to open your Third eye.

7- Prayer and meditation:

Do you know the number one reason for some people who are gifted with spiritual talents? It is their dedicated and pure meditation and prayers which honestly comes from the purest of heart. If you practice deep meditation, the remembrance of Allah, and sincere prayer regularly, you will slowly start becoming spiritually powerful, and this is one of the best ways to open your Third eye.

8- Being in nature:

Nature is very closely connected with the Divine, and when we connect ourselves with nature, we are connecting with the Divine. Practice talking with Allah when you are alone walking in nature. Just looking up at the serene blue sky and fresh air blowing your way. It freshens and lifts your spirits up, and this is also one of the powerful ways to open your Third eye when you are in nature and feeling calm and peaceful.

9- Hard work:

Have you ever seen people suffering from depression, boredom, and nothingness because of mundane life? It happens because of a lack of life force energy. If you are passionate about doing something good and divine, never suppress your passions and creativity and your desire to utilize your skills and talents to produce good in society. You can change the world for the better if you work hard, and when you sweat out and toil, each drop of your sweat will benefit you and others. And your sincere hard work will help you in opening your Third eye.

10- Patience:

Your patience is tested on three things

1- patience towards your desires

2- Being patient when angry

3- Being patient when fearful

Can you let go of anger and forgive people easily?

Can you let go of fear and face the situations of your life yourself? Learn to trust yourself instead of becoming fearful and suspicious and attracting negativity; you can learn to trust and attract positivity in your life.

If you practice patience and forgive people on small trivial matters and PRACTICE COMPASSION ON ALL SITUATIONS OF YOUR LIFE THEN, THIS IS A VERY GOOD WAY TO OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE.

When your Third eye opens you will be able to see the ways the routes and paths of the heavens and skies and you will be able to see the things which no one would be able to see normally and then start miracles happening in your life.

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Rare and unknown morning habits to boost your energy!

Everybody must have spoken about healthy breakfast, prayers, exercises, studying etc. in the morning here are some morning habits which you must have rarely heard before!

1- Short Prayer and light body rub and stretching your body:

As soon as you wake up offer a short and sweet but sincere prayer to god and then rub your tummy and back lightly. And then stretch your arms and slowly stretch your body. This morning ritual is wondrous and miraculous. A prayer will always let your day go well as you start with the name of Allah and then when you rub your body it helps to heal the remaining body pains and put away stress from your body and then stretching helps in revitalizing and activating your body again for the day.

2- Yoga for constipation and pooping:

This yoga has many health benefits firstly it detoxifies your body and heal you and then it removes headaches and body pains and it also helps in lifting up your spirits and get moving through out the day. There are many popular yoga poses for this you can check out here!

2- Enema:

Many people are hesitant to take enema as they feel insecure but believe me enema is one of the best thing you can give to heal your body and relieve it from the burden daily. If you can search online you can find many home based enemas which people are practically using and getting amazing benefits from it.

3- Drinking water:

Do you know 70% of our body is just water and we cannot exist without water. Drinking water in the morning before having your breakfast helps you in getting rid of bad body fats including cholesterol, circulates your body, detoxifies your body, and helps fight depression and anxiety and cools and heals your system. So never forget to drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning.

4- clearing throat and nose:

You can clear your throat from phlegm and clean your nose daily while you brush your teeth but there is another way and you can do it once in a week as well. Gargling warm salt water, drinking lots of water and blowing it from your system through vomit, and to clear your nose try neti-pot nasal irrigator. Many people hesitate and afraid of using a neti-pot but if you take a plunge you can relieve yourself from bad mucus and phlegm which is the cause of many diseases inside your body. Net-pot works perfectly in relieving breathing problems too. If you do not know how to use Neti-pot you can find one here!

5- Breathing Exercises:

Many people prefer jogging walking on treadmill or cycling and aerobics but if you do breathing exercises and try some for yourself they are miraculous. Some breathing exercises helps to relief depression, anxiety, hyper tension, and they can help in controlling blood pressure and also diabetes good for your heart and also lungs.

6- Massage

Massage also comes in the list and never ignore a good massage you yourself can give to your body. Take some olive oil and massage your own body and mind it as this habit can heal wounds, or pains which are hidden deep inside your body and also boost your energy levels. You will never suffer from fatigue and tiredness and people will question what is the secret of vibrant vital energy always.

7- Journals:

Write down your to-do list and gratitude list or your positive affirmations daily which can train and program your mind positively and put all the good and spirited thoughts into your mind. Try to avoid reading news papers and watching news channels they exploit your mind and put all negative thoughts inside it.

10- Gardening:

Be in the nature, take a walk and water your plants and crops. If you own land or have your own lawn otherwise just peeping outside and being in your balcony is enough to get that fresh morning air. Open your windows and let the fresh air come inside your homes.

11- Chores:

Many people prefer learning, studying and reading and a fraction of people prefer household chores, especially mothers who have to send their kids to school has to wake up early and make breakfast for the kids. Do some chores which you love like cleaning and cooking your favorite or your kids favorite as it really gives you joy and satisfaction. You will never regret and will have a feeling you did not waste your day.

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What we cannot see exist

What is soul, its energy and food?

Image Credit-Pixabay

What exactly is a soul?

A soul is God’s command. It’s a gift of God to humankind that is going to stay forever as it is completely immortal.

Soul is an energy given to human beings by God, and this energy is self-dependent and free. We cannot see it, but if you have a strong sixth sense, you can feel your soul and even others’ souls as well.

This freedom is given to soul by God so that it knows the difference between right and wrong.

Image Created By The Author Using Canva

How is it created?

God has created the body basically from the soil on land, and God has created soul from sky.

He created soul from these 6 things.


2- byaah


4- hayya

5- haraah

6- Tahem

What is the food for the soul?

Food for the soul is as we have food for the body.

God has created human form from soil, so he has hidden its food inside land and its soil.

But he has created soul from the sky above, so food for the soul comes from the skies.

And God has even created saints on this earth so that they help in providing knowledge about the soul and its food to human beings.

God has done everything to make our souls refreshed and energized all the time.

Remember! What we touch, smell, feel, taste, and see is everything because of this soul’s energy, and the soul is main and important to us. If the soul comes out of the body, then this body dies, and it has no energy left.

Where exactly does the soul stay in our body?

All parts of our body are dependent on soul and its energy, but it practically stays between the brain and heart of a human being.

What is the energy of the soul?

Energy of the soul is the vibrations that come from the thought and emotions of the human body. Remember! Where all our thoughts and emotions travel there, our souls also travel.

But it is so pathetic and unfortunate that most human beings do not have command over their thoughts and emotions, and ultimately they do not have command over their souls.

How to get command over our souls?

God has created soul as a pure immortal gift to humankind, but it is so sad that people have involved themselves in sins like lies, hatred, slander, envy, and jealousy and create such negative vibrations which spoil and ruin this pure energy of the soul.

The person who has actual command over his soul, that person becomes divine and complete and wherever his thought and energy go, he has command over everything. He can reach above the skies, and wherever he desires, the whole universe becomes his servant, and he will have command and such belonging all over this universe.

How can you wash your soul, purify it, and meet your true self?

If you want to purify your soul, then stop all the sins and bad habits you possess inside you. And sincerely repent to God!

Save yourself from envy, jealousy, hatred, and pride and then arouse compassion, pure love, and mercy for all the humankind and be someone who always helps others; then your soul will be washed and purified, and you will meet your true self, that is your soul.

Having compassion for all humankind is the main food for the soul. When you help others and love the creation of God without expecting anything in return, you will have command over your soul, and this universe will crave for your commands.

It is common to listen about the energy of the body and tips and tricks to keep the body healthy, fit and energized. But, ever wonder what is the energy of the soul? And how to increase it? And how did it become weak?

If feeling bored, tired, lonely, or impatient and desperate has become your daily routine, then realize that your soul has become weak and needs the energy to survive. Before knowing how to increase the soul’s energy, you must know how it became weak?

A soul often becomes weak because of one big mistake, which he does again and again repeatedly in his life. That is searching for his happiness in others like if he is wearing good clothes, he wants others to praise him, but when others don’t comment on anything, he becomes sad.

When a person loves someone, he expects that he will get the same love in return, but when he does not get any love, he will not feel happy.

He shows compassion, helps others, cares for others, and tells the truth. He looks after his children and family well and then expects that they will do the same when he needs their care and love. In almost everything he does, he expects the same from others.

But when he does not get anything good from others, it is natural that he breaks from the inside and starts becoming sad, hopeless, and lonely. And this is how day by day, his soul becomes weaker and weaker.

Know How to increase the soul’s energy?

Remember! If you want to increase the energy of your soul, then don’t search for your happiness in worldly material things and do not search for it in other people.

Find your happiness inside you: No matter if someone blames you, finds your faults and weakness, or put a wrong allegation about you, or if someone returns badly to you in return for your good deeds, or if someone does not even care to appreciate you for your help and good job then also don’t care. If you know that your God is happy with you and you are happy and correct and on the right path, then ignore them all. Just let go! Forgive them all.

Have expectations and good hope only from God, our creator, not his creation.

Remember, a brave man is not the one who strangles and kills everyone with his sword, but a truly brave man is the one who has the power to let go and forgive people.

Helping others do good without expecting anything in return is the food of our soul. Forgive people and do good to be happy, powerful, and energized all alive. And telling an honest sorry and genuinely repenting and doing istaghfar is the best way to wash your soul and rejuvenate and revitalize it again with the fresh life force energy that comes from the divine.

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