Permanent way to get rid of depression anxiety and all mental problems

People who suffer from depression and anxiety or hyper tension they become helpless to take pills medicine and fed up of fighting these mental ailment

And after fighting what result they get only temporary relief and these things come and go and then return back and then again we need to fight to allow it to leave.

So is there any way possible to et rid of mental stress, depression or hyper tension yes there is a way and that is a divine way and it is permanent.


Hazrath Ali(R.A) says

Allah has shown us a secret time and a secret permanent way to heal and cure from all the mental illnesses and that secret time is dawn time the early morning time during fajr when sun is about to rise and capture the whole world at that time if you look at the peaceful sky and recite surah Nasr 7 time and make Duaa Allah is going to heal you from everything and Allah has hidden that mental healing during that time for everybody.

Is this not simple you only need to rise early and offer sincere fajr prayer and make this duaa looking at the sky Allah will surely heal have trust and this trust can create miracles in your life.

Increase energy of your soul

How to increase the soul`s energy

 It is common to listen about the energy of the body and tips and tricks to keep the body healthy fit and energized ever wondered what is the energy of the soul? and how to increase it? And how did it become week?

If feeling bored, tired, and lonely or impatient and desperate has become your daily routine then realize that your soul has become week and it needs the energy to survive. Before knowing how to increase the soul`s energy you must know how did it become week?

A soul often becomes week because of one big mistake which he does again and again repeatedly in his life

. That is searching his happiness in others like if he is wearing good clothes he wants others to praise him but when others don`t comment anything he becomes sad.

When a person loves someone then he expects that he will get the same love in return but when he does not get any love he will not feel happy.

He shows compassion, helps others, cares for others, and to tell the truth, he looks after his children and family well and then expects that they will do the same when he needs their care and love. In almost everything which he does he expect the same from others.

But when he does not get anything good from others then it is natural he breaks from inside and starts becoming sad, hopeless, and lonely. And this is how day by day his soul becomes weaker and weaker.

Now How to increase the soul`s energy?

Remember! If you really want to increase the energy of your soul then don`t search for your happiness in worldly material things and do not search for it either in other people.

Find your happiness inside your soul to increase your soul energy

 No matter if someone blames you, find your faults and weakness, or put a wrong allegation on you, or if someone returns badly to you in return for your good deeds or if someone does not even care to appreciate you for your help and good job then also don`t care. if you know that your god is happy with you and you are happy and correct and on the right path then ignore them all. Just let go! Forgive them all.

Your soul energy can be increased by forgiving others and Having expectations of only from our creator, not his creation.

Remember a brave man is not the one who strangles and kills everyone with his sword but a truly brave man is the one who has the power of letting go and forgiving people.

Helping others doing good without expecting anything in return is the food of our soul forgive people and do good to be happy, powerful, and energized all alive.

Noise blocks success here is how

Noise blocks success

Noise blocks success it means whenever you say others about your goals and plans it creates blockages and hurdles in your path to achieve those goals.

Do you know why it happens

If you tell your loved one`s about your goals and plans sometimes they throw out an energy of fear and doubt which is negative energy, they fear that if you do not achieve success in it you will become sad and they cannot see you sad, so they doubt whether you would be able to do all that hard-work to achieve and they suspect you cannot do it so they warn you about the consequences and impossibilities of your goals.

That does not mean you must not say them, you must definitely take advise from them before proceeding on solid important matters, but you must not share every single detail and all the tit bits of your work because every- time you say with excitement every-time they grow fearful and doubting.They care and worry about your well-being and happiness and cannot see you cry.

And when you say your friends, cousins or neighbors or any relative about your goals and plans beware they will envy and feel extra-ordinarily jealous, they hate from inside to see you successful, they try to compete with you and do the same thing as you are doing or forcibly mediate in between asking for job and saying that they only want to help you and will try more than you not to achieve success but only to put you down or block your path and come in between your way.They can even spread wrong gossips and rumors about you and they can also create feuds and disputes to put all your plans down and to cut down your confidence and block you completely from achieving your goal. And if by chance you achieve success and become rich they can betray and rob all your riches one day.

So be cautious do not trust anybody for your affairs. And do not ask for  anybody`s help because in today`s world one person will only help another if they are getting any benefit from helping you and if they are not getting any benefit then do not expect that anybody will help you in this bad world.

Sometimes people cast an evil eye and feel self pity because they are not doing anything in life and you are planning to do much before them and this kind of inferior energy blocks your path and create hurdles, blockages and difficulties so

never share about your secret goals and plans with others.

There is a famous quote of Hazrath Ali(R.A) to support my view

he says” Achieve your goals in silence.”

It means Noise blocks success.

Adopt Sunnah Lifestyle for success

Adopt sunnah lifestyle

To your wonder it is not that hard it is very simple and easy to follow and adopt habits of  our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saw) which will not only give us great benefits in this world but also reward us in the here-after.

Adopt sunnah lifestyle this article will discuss what habits of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) you can follow.

To Make everything simple what is obligatory is Prayers

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to pray 5 times and offer other voluntary prayers especially in the middle of the night and it is obligatory for us to follow this Sunnah as Allah has commanded all his creation to pray.

Next to make this more simple and easy

all the human-beings do these 4 things everyday that is eating food, drinking water, sleeping and waking up and going to the toilet.

Let`s follow sunnah in doing these necessary tasks and if you follow our Prophet Mohammed(saw) in these unavoidable tasks of your lifestyle it will give great benefits to you.

He practiced regular fasting he use to fast every monday and thursday and also 13 14 and 15 of month.

He always maintained hygiene and cleanliness.

He took shower daily and used Miswak.

He said giving a pleasant smile to someone is a charity.

Today we will cover in detail about sunnah of eating food and all that which is concerning food.

What not to do?

Prophet Mohammed (saw) never gave names and criticize his food,

he ate what is available and never tried a lot to get the food which is out of his reach. He never spoke while eating, he never burped aloud, he never ate full stomach. And Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) do not like wasting and throwing food and water. He tried his best always to finish everything which is in his plate.

He never ate alone and never ate speedily.

Now What to do?

There is one Hadees which states

“A disease will never enter a person`s home where they wash hands before eating and wash hands and rinse their mouths with water after finishing their meal.”

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) said Son of Adam fill their stomachs worse than a vessel.

A few mouthful morsels is enough to make his back straight if he would like to eat then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for air.

There is one more hadith which states our Prophet Mohammed (saw) said putting a morsel in your wife`s mouth is a charity.

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) never ate alone he says there is blessing when we eat in company he loved to share the food and eat and also love to share the food with neighbors.

He instructed that if you are making a mutton or any kind of meat`s curry then make it into a liquid form so that you would be able to share it with others.

We can make Marag, khorma, shorba and soups in a liquid form, it is sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (saw) to do so and share among everyone and eat.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) encouraged his followers to eat simple and nutritious food. He loved foods which are strongly beneficial to health and are also tasty.

Jazak Allah Khair

Farah naaz

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