One habit which makes you a winner!

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said those people are among the best ones who possess this one quality and will always win.

One man asked Ya Rasool Allah (saw) What is that quality which makes me always win?

Prophet Mohammed (saw) answered it is “Good Manners”.

Yes, if you have good manners and treat everyone with love and kindness, especially the poor and weak, then these good manners will always please Allah and will always make you a winner among others.

And if you have bad manners, if you do not appreciate others and indulge yourself in only self-praising and hurting and insulting others with your tongue, then this can displease Allah, resulting in people maintaining a distance from you. In short, you will become lonely if you practice bad manners.

Divinity is to be tough!

Poetry contest

It`s sometimes easy to be easy and simple but toughness teaches us to be alert; it makes us live now and has a great presence of mind. Find out how angels send me new year wishes with this message!

I searched with my instinct for the message divine
Thinking that angels befall on me and stars twinkle and shine
But nothing sparkled why
Just a plain sky
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that.

I expected an angel to give a message from the heavens above
Love compassion kindness mercy I expected them to shove
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that
What is my message for this new year tell me?
I prayed hard for angelic messages I like to see

My momma fell sick and life looked empty

I blame my fault to get this punishment

I am depressed I cry for her health

Day and night I prayed harder and harder

Crying for her health I asked to heal

Allah make momma well my eyes shed tears

Tears of repentance to my mistakes I will clear!

Asking to forgive and not punish my mom

I do not know what exactly I do I mourn!

What displeased my god?

I ask him not to punish momma for my sins

I ask you to forgive me and take care of my kin

Nothing more than that

nothing less than that!

The days pass by I cry while praying

Asking for the health of momma oh god my god!

The fresh waters of repentance washed away my sins

Flowers blossomed bloomed in the heavens i`ve seen

I felt light fresh new as if born again

Returned my mother in good health

Returned my joy

Returned my wealth

I felt fresh new as if born again

nothing more than that

nothing less than that!

I was praying hard you see

I fell asleep and in my deep sleep,

Angels calm me
Their iridescent colorful lights surround me
Hum me pet me and cuddle me
I am around their divine aroma you see
They whispered divinity is being tough to me
Farah, you are faultless and sinless open your eyes
Become certain tough bold and determined
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that
Your new year message is to be strong and certain

Wherever you go banfe or Manhattan
Fight for your rights
you will reach a great height.
The purest waterfall from the skies
I am meditating praying with my red eyes
I stood on one wall completely devoted like light.

Nothing more than that

nothing less than that!
I am surrounded by the best of blessings
And good tidings
Angels heavens above are singing and humming.

I hear a family voice so familiar to my ears

I cannot forget that voice that kind voice I hear

As if they know my soul for thousands of years
There comes the fresh feeling as I have been born again
With the divine message of goodwill relieved all my pain.
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than that.

With love

Farah Naaz

6 Disadvantages of being silent!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said, “excess of silence creates awe.” There are many benefits of being silent and practicing complete silence makes you wise but there are some disadvantages too of being silent all the time.

Before discussing the disadvantages of silence let me tell you about 4 major and big benefits of silence.

1- Silence unites you with Allah

2- Silence decreases your stress and helps you in becoming a wiser person.

3- Silence helps you in becoming a successful person

4- Silence allow you to concentrate properly on your goals.

Now here is a list of 6 disadvantages of being silent.

1- People will not make you friend:

Do you know why? because people love to share their thoughts and feelings and love to gossip and if you be silent and just listen to them without reciprocating and responding to them or talking about anything then they will feel bored in your company and depart. And if you do not speak up then they will try a hard time understanding and knowing you and what is unknown is always scary and irritating for people they will try their best to avoid you.

2- People start taking you for granted and will only use you for their mean purposes:

If you do not speak and talk people will take you lightly and even take your services for granted, in general people will not value you and will only use you for their own benefit because a silent person is most commonly a good person.

3- People will start controlling and dominating you:

People start treating you badly, offend you and insult you or make fun of you because they have confidence, and they know that you will not take any defense.

4- Some people will take you as a proud person:

It happened many times with me when I did not speak to people at social gatherings and parties people took me as a proud person who is proud of her degrees and education.

5- Some people will take you as a shy person who is an extra-ordinary introvert:

Some people try to be compassionate they think that you have a personality problem and you are an ignorant and introverted person who faces social anxiety and could not speak up for yourself.

6- People will not come to know your pain and problem:

When you do not tell others about the problem from which you are suffering or do not tell them about your pains then they will throw extra demands on you and do not understand you. Unless and until you speak up they do not come to know you.

Final thoughts:

It`s all about using your tongue properly at the correct time and it is an art to use your tongue in a correct manner and refrain yourself from speaking when it is not required. It means you must only be silent when necessary and speak up when it is needed. Try to avoid loose talk and speaking unnecessarily because it will invite problems in your life.

Your tongue must be the cause of hurdles in your life know how?

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said that the person who hurts and insults others with his tongue will find hurdles and problems in his life.

Once one Man asked Imam Ali (R.A)

Ya Ali, what I should do to end my problems in life and open the door of abundance and provision?

Imam Ali (R.A) Said to stop hurting people with your tongue Allah opens the doors of provision and abundance for people who speak sweetly and do not hurt people with his tongue.

And Allah is displeased with those who hurt others and insult with his tongue and do not apologize for it. And when Allah is not happy his angels do not surround that person with prayers and mercy and thus that person ends up getting stuck in problems and hurdles in life. To read more about

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Know the hidden messages about the future with this method!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said you will start receiving hidden and unknown messages from the skies and heavens above about the future if you do this!

Once one Man asked Imam Ali (R.A) How can I get messages about my future and how can I know something which is unknown and hidden from this material world?

Imam Ali (R.A) said Those who repent sincerely to Allah for sins every night and forgive everyone who hurt and harm for the sake of Allah.

Then for that person, Allah opens the doors of the heavens and skies and he will start knowing what is unknown and hidden and will also start to receive secret messages about the future happenings through his dreams.

And a human does not know the rewards Allah has kept for those who forgive others, especially those who harm and hurt.

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The true unnoticed traits of humanity!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said some traits in your character define your level of humanity.

1-Your tears reach perfection when it comes to falling looking at others’ pains and suffering. And angels above purchase them from Allah because they are too much precious to describe.

2- Search for people with beautiful hearts because beautiful-looking people are many but people with beautiful hearts are few.

3- In this physical world on earth material things perish and break but human beings are different and special they become successful after hurting falling and breaking themselves.

4- Humanity is a great treasure do not search it by looking at people`s garments but search it in humans.

5- The people who remember death become happy with the less and feel gratitude towards Allah.

6- When your good times are moving, your mistake is also taken as a joke among people, but when your bad time comes, your joke will also look like a mistake to people.

7- A person`s humanity ends when he starts laughing at others’ pains and suffering.

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Imam Ali life changing quotes