Taking the baby out for the first time in fairyland

Roosheena want to take the baby out to her favorite place Pink palace where there are strawberry fountain and strawberries ice-creams and chocolate stalls and strawberry milkshake restaurants and strawberry balloons trees.

Roosheena’s strawberries fairyland is extremely beautiful. There are strawberry trees and strawberry balloon trees totally looking pink and then at the pink palace there is one fountain in the middle as a centre of attraction surrounding the green grass and strawberry ice-cream stalls.

The crown of the fountain is made up of glitters and gems of different types of stones like ruby, emeralds, pearls, aquamarine, diamonds, gold and platinum and at the top lays the wonderful glittering blue sapphire.

The fountain flows on all sides with pink glittering flowing fresh waters.

And then we have some lovely pink houses which are shops and restaurants of strawberries they sell ice-creams, strawberry chocolates and strawberry snacks and also strawberry milk shakes.

Roosheena loves strawberry cream rolls in snack and consider it to be the best one.

Aaliya: Oh! welcome Roosheena yet another wonderful day as a Nanny!

You are doing great my child!

Roosheena: Mam it’s been one week since i started today i want to take the baby out to my favorite place that is pink palace i want to go with my friend Sania and take the baby out to let her breathe some fresh air.

Aaliya: Oh sure! Why not i will just ask Sadiq about it!

Sadiq! Sadiq!

He do not listen!

Sadiq! Sadiq She shouts!

Sadiq: wait iam shaving inside the bathroom!

hurriedly he comes out what’s this urgency and confusion all about? Why you are shouting?

Aaliya: Roosheena would like to take the baby out to the pink palace near by!

Sadiq: oh yes i was also thinking of taking the baby to the clinic for her regular check up with the doctor and her routine vaccine! But there is no stroller and a car seat and we have to buy it.

And you know the rules here we cannot take the baby out without a car seat and a stroller.

Roosheena: i was thinking of carrying the baby with the baby carrier or with some belt on my belly like a kangaroo she is so tiny as of now!

Sadiq: that would be better if you are shopping taking the baby and also if the baby rejects to sit in the stroller and you have got to take her into your lap but carrying her for hours is hectic so a baby belt or some carrier would help that time.

Roosheena: Sir! I will purchase this stuff from our near by magical baby shop Uncle Riyaz has some wonderful things for the babies there.

Sadiq: If you could that would be very nice!

Roosheena: i do not know how much it will cost us once we decide the items i will let you know about the prices!

Sadiq: Ya sure!

Aaliya; Now come on! We are getting late to the farm!

Sadiq: Okay girl! May you have a good day!

Roosheena: Allah haafiz Mam and sir!

Sadiq: Allah haafiz! takecare!

Roosheena is left alone with the baby, she wakes up crying so she take her out from the cradle and then makes milk from the caddy kept beside her.

As she was feeding milk she noticed the baby is still crying and feeling uncomfortable.

Roosheena checked her diaper it is wet, So when she is changing her diaper, she could see rashes and the baby cries due to it and there is no rash cream for the baby. So Roosheena, takes some luke water put dettol into it and wash that infected area and then wipe it with the cotton soft wash cloth and then she keeps the baby diaper free for half an hour and then apply some baby oil and put on her diaper.

Sania arrives!

Hey Roosheena i have come again!

Roosheena: Welcome Sania!

Sania: So how is everything moving along?

Roosheena: not well! The baby has developed red rashes and there is no rash cream so i had to apply some baby oil and put on her diapers.

Sania: So what are you waiting for let’s go to out “Go strawberries baby shop.”

Uncle Riyaz: Welcome my children! My lovely girls! You both are back again with the baby!

Roosheena: Assalaamalaikam Uncle Riyaz! We were missing your magical baby shop!

Sania: Assalaamalaikam Uncle Riyaz1

Uncle Riyaz: Walekamsalaam my children! How are you both? And how is the baby?

Roosheena: Uncle Baby has developed rashes and we are finding for some good rash cream and then Sadiq sir has said the baby has to be taken for vaccine so we need a best stroller and a car seat for her.

Sania: Uncle i know these are expensive items please don’t charge us more!

Uncle Riyaz: I will give it to you for free if you want but i need cash to exist and this shop is the source of my living.

Yeah sure1 i will definitely make some discounts for you as you are in the list of my special and regular customers.

Sania: Thankyou Uncle Riyaz!

Uncle Riyaz shows Rash creams to Roosheena!

Roosheena loved one cream which is not only to heal rashes but can also be used for other purposes. It’s a healing ointment for the baby.

It’s name is

Roosheena: I can pay you now for this rash cream Uncle!

Uncle Riyaz: Yeah sure! He takes the money from Roosheena!

Roosheena: Now show me some baby belts i want to buy it now to be able to take the baby to the pink palace!

Uncle Riyaz: He shows some amazing baby belts to Roosheena and Sania!

Sania: She liked one baby belt and ask Roosheena her opinion on it!

Roosheena: Yeah this seem to me good Sania! Great choice!


Sania: Now comes the turn of expensive baby items.

Uncle Riyaz: He shows some amazing strollers and car seat combos.

The best thing about these strollers with car seat is you can use it till the baby turns 3 year old and more.

Roosheena: that’s what i want uncle Riyaz i always look out for things which do not get spoilt easily have good quality and runs for long time.

Uncle Riyaz: I always bring the products of supreme quality for my customers and these strollers are also one example of it.

Roosheena liked one stroller and car seat combo and she felt excited to buy it.

The link for such a combo is here!

Sania: i will inform Aaliya Mam about the price and will get the money from them.

Uncle Riyaz: So if you have chosen this then i will send it to you at home so you can go peacefully to home with the baby!

Roosheena: oh yes! Thankyou Uncle Riyaz! Life as a nanny seems to me very easy and it happened because of you as you and your shop’s products has helped me a great deal.

Uncle Riyaz: Why not try this baby belt now to take the baby home!

Roosheena: oh my Allah! Great idea Uncle Riyaz!

Roosheena unpacks the baby belt in the shop itself and uncle Riyaz helped her to tie the baby on her belly with the help of belt and yeah she is all set and ready to go!

Uncle Riyaz: thankyou! Now take care and Allah haafiz1

Roosheena: Allah haafiz Uncle!

Roosheena arrives home and after some time sania enters taking the money in her hands.

After waiting for some time the delivery man rings the bell and here arrives the stroller and car seat at home.

Sania and Roosheena unpacks the stroller and car seat and then they put their caddy down below the stroller where there is a space to keep all the baby stuff.

Then they change the baby and make her look and smell good.

Roosheena: She lulls her to sleep and then

They are all set and about to go!

Sania: She puts the baby inside the stroller!

Roosheena: She locks the door and put keys inside her little hand bag and then they leave the home.

They walk with the baby and enters the pink palace, Melodious rhymes are tuned in and so many lights glitters wonderful people are dancing on the music and playing games.

Sania and Roosheena stops at one stall and buy strawberry ice cream cones, Sania wants to play the games she purchases the tickets and play. In one of the game she won soft pink teddy bear which she gives to the baby.

There is also roller coaster!

Roosheena: if you look after her i will sit in the roller coaster.

Sania: sure!

Roosheena: She goes and sit in the roller coaster and have a good time.

Lots of cheers and laughter.

And then there was one pink train and Roosheena ties the baby on her belly with the belt and sit in the train with Sania!

They had wonderful time and then they return back home!

Roosheena got solution to the spilling milk of the baby


As Roosheena has become a Nanny for the baby girl she has found that her baby always spills milk and wet her clothes while she is feeding the baby check out how she finds a solution to this problem.

As Roosheena has become a Nanny for the baby girl she has found that her baby always spills milk and wet her clothes while she is feeding the baby check out how she finds a solution to this problem

Aaliya: Hey Roosheena! Welcome my child! You are doing great as a Nanny and iam really lucky to have you in my life!

Roosheena: Assalaamalaikam Mam!

Aaliya: Walekamsalaam it’s a great bright day today, fresh air is blooming and refreshing our faces with dew drops seems to me it’s going to rain soon and we will get strawberries juice.

Roosheena: Yeah Mam! So true i loved today’s weather and especially our strawberries land blooms with this type of weather.

Aaliya: You know we worked so peacefully and diligently at farm and now we have grown so many sweet strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes in our farms i want to share some strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes with you.

Roosheena: oh my goodness i would love to have them Mam! I will make tomato soup for Papa and tomato curry and also my favorite strawberry jam.

Aaliya: Yeah sure! Take this Aaliya gives a basket full of strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes to Roosheena!

Roosheena: Thankyou Mam i will keep this at home and will return back.

Aaliya: Give some to sania too as she is also been a great helper at home1

Roosheena: yeah sure i will Mam!

Roosheena goes to home and keeps the basket there inside her kitchen!

Papa: What happened my baby? What did you bring?

Roosheena: Papa Aaliya Mam gave us fresh strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes from her farm land.

Papa: oh great! Tell thanks to her on my behalf!

Roosheena: yeah sure papa!

Roosheena returns back to Aliya’s home

Mam papa is giving thanks to you!

Aaliya: oh! it’s absolutely my pleasure Roosheena my child!

Now here is the baby take good care of her and i shall leave in a moment.

Roosheena: yeah sure Mam!

Sadiq: Iam waiting outside Aaliya come soon! Oh the chatting of ladies

they are chatter boxes he mutters to himself with humph!

Aaliya: iam coming sadiq!

Sadiq: come one we are getting late!

Aaliya: i have already come let’s go!

Roosheena is left alone with a baby,

The baby wakes up and cries

Roosheena makes milk for her and as she was feeding the baby the milk is spilling and making her neck wet roosheena could not find a bib in the caddy and while searching she forgot to burp her and the baby vomit all the milk spills over her jump suit and bang Roosheena searches for washcloth in the caddy but could not find it.

She opens almarah and find one wash cloth and takes out one jump suit, she wipes the baby with a wet wipe and finds the baby is still smelling bad because of vomit. She takes the baby towards the sink and wash her and when she smells again, she is still smelling bad and then she again wash her using baby wash and smell again but the smell do not go completely.

Sania: She arrives! Hey Roosheena what’s going on?

Roosheena: Oh sania! you have come! I have been waiting for you Sania!

Roosheena: There are no bibs and wash cloth for the baby.

Sania: She smells the baby did she vomit?

Roosheena: yes the smell does not go away!

Sania: You have washed her i could see but you need a good baby perfume to let the smell leave.

Our Go strawberries baby shop can help us find a solution to this problem let’s go there!

Roosheena: yeah let’s go!

Uncle Riyaz: Wow young ladies back again! Good tidings!

Roosheena and Sania: Assalaamlaikam Uncle Riyaz!

Uncle Riyaz: walekamsalaam!

How are you ? How is the baby?

Roosheena: She spills milk and wet herself i need some good bibs washcloths and baby perfume for her.

Uncle Riyaz: oh sure we have some lovely soft and cozy bibs washcloths and also a wonderful collection of some baby perfumes.

Roosheena: i want to have a look!

Sania: She helps in selecting! I think this set can be useful!

Roosheena selects some best bibs, washcloths and perfume for the baby the links of such items are here!

1-Bandana bibs

2- Orighty wash cloths

3-Baby magic cologne

Roosheena: Uncle we can take this along and will pay you tomorrow after taking money from Aaliya mam will you mind on this?

Uncle Riyaz: oh sure my child go home taking these items and pay me tomorrow!

Sania: oh my goodness i do not have to go to farm and get the money today amazing thankyou so much uncle!

Uncle Riyaz: your most welcome happy nursing the baby and have a good time!

Roosheena! You too uncle take care and good bye!

When Roosheena was back home,

She unpacks all the items and puts them in the caddy and then she sprays some cologne spray on to the baby and then she covers the baby with a bib and feeds her with milk and after this she uses the soft wash cloth to clean her mouth after the feed!

Sania; here your problem is solved we got the best items from our Go strawberries baby shop.

Roosheena: off-course uncle Riyaz is just the best!

Giving a first bath to the baby Roosheena`s strawberries land


As Roosheena has started her job as a Nanny and it’s been 3 days since she got started today is the day for the first baby bath and Roosheena is really excited about this.

As Roosheena has started her job as a Nanny and it's been 3 days since she got started today is the day for the first baby bath and Roosheena is really excited about this

Aaliya: Oh welcome my child Roosheena again! Today is the third day of you as a Nanny to my baby girl!

Roosheena: it’s been great and iam loving my job Mam!

Aaliya: She takes out a basket and shows these are the baby items to be used for the bath and i got them.

Here are some

1- Towel

2- Baby oil

3- Baby wash

Roosheena: Thankyou Mam! I hope i will manage!

Aaliya moves to the farm for her daily work and Roosheena is with a baby who was sleeping in the cradle.

As when the baby woke up roosheena feeds her with milk and was playing with the baby in the gardens Sania comes there!

Sania: Hey Roosheena! Iam back again! I thought to help you as i like to always!

Roosheena: Your most welcome i was waiting for you! Let’s go inside!

Today iam about to give baby a bath and i definitely need your help!

Sania: You mean today is the first bath of the baby then we have got to make this a very special occasion.

Roosheena: Yeah iam so excited too!

Sania: first we have got to give her a massage!

Roosheena put her on the mat undressing the baby and takes out the baby oil from the basket and then she gives a soothing massage to the baby with the oil.

Sania: I will open the geyser and will take out proper clothes and diaper for the baby.

Roosheena: please put the towel and hang it inside the bathroom and also take out baby wash from the basket and put it inside the bathroom im coming there in some minutes.

Sania: wait until the water gets warm and then we both will give her a bath supporting each other.

Roosheena: Sania you have always been so helpful to me!

Sania: what for friends are!

Now after some time Roosheena and Sania goes inside the bathroom taking the baby and found that there is no bather or any bathtub for the baby!

Roosheena: How i had to give her a bath when there is no bather or any thing here to keep the baby the baby cannot sit and walk.

Sania: Ya the new born stage she cannot sit and stand where we should keep the baby?

Roosheena: let me think of some idea now!

Sania: get out of here so that we could think we need some space!

Roosheena: okay let’s go and sit in the garden to think of some way.

Sania: let’s order a bather or a bath tub what do you say?

Roosheena: there are many in the market but i want something which we can use till the baby turns 1 and more.

Sania: She shows a list of bathers and bath tubs which Roosheena could not like then she shows Fisher price bath tub to her, and Boom!

Roosheena absolutely loved it because

it contains soft mesh sling for new born, baby stopper to prevent slipping and sliding, a support aid for unsteady sitters and roomy toddler tub and also a hook for easy drying and hanging. It is space saving too.

Roosheena is happy because she was finding exactly something like this which she can use till the baby turns 1 and more.

The is here!

Sania: She takes the screen shot of item and send it to Aaliya Mam!

Aw! Yes Aaliya Mam loves this bath tub so much and she gives a confirmation to buy it.

Roosheena: let’s order it!

Sania: When it will be delivered!

Roosheena: Within an hour!

Sania: Okay i will go and get the money from Aaliya Mam!

Roosheena: yes till that time i will look after the baby!

Sania visits the farm and get the money from Aaliya Mam and returns back to home!

The delivery Man arrives with a bath tub and they pay money to him.

Roosheena puts the baby in the cradle and put on some vibrations and music the baby began playing with the toys and enjoying the lulling music.\

Roosheena and Sania unpacks the bath tub and assemble it.

Roosheena: The bath tub is amazing i just this soft mesh sling for our new born let’s go and give baby a bath!

Sania: Yeah come on!

Roosheena and Sania along with a baby goes inside the bathroom and use soft mesh sling on top of the bath tub to rest the baby on it and give baby her first bath.

Roosheena and Sania along with a baby goes inside the bathroom and use soft mesh sling on top of the bath tub to rest the baby on it and give baby her first bath

Roosheena: i felt so delighted and happy about this bath tub and the baby had a cozy bath!

Sania: Now move and wipe her and clad her with towel!

Roosheena: yes! yes ! off-course!

Sania and Roosheena wipes the baby and put on her diapers and clothes.

And then they wrap the baby in the wrapper.

Roosheena: the baby is hungry!

Sania: Make some milk!

Roosheena makes milk and feeds the baby and then she fell asleep so they put her inside the cradle.

Roosheena: Thankyou so much Sania for helping me with my first bath!

Sania: i absolutely loved it Roosheena!

Roosheena got a cradle for the baby

Roosheena became a Nanny recently and has found that baby do not have a cradle to rock her to sleep so find out how she recognizes this problem and what type of cradle she buy for the baby!

Aaliya: Oh welcome my child Roosheena! You have been great yesterday and buying a caddy is the best thing we did now we do not need to run here and there for things.

Roosheena: Mam! I need some more things for the baby, i mean i do not have baby powder, and puff and some baby cream and rash cream. And i even need a baby wash!

Aaliya: i will get it all by tonight while returning from the farm do not worry! And remember i have fed the baby with milk and she is sleeping now!

Roosheena: Oh the baby yes mam sure!

My caddy has space enough if you get things i will keep it in my caddy.

Aaliya: Oh! Sure dear! You can do so!

Okay then have a good day!

Roosheena: Good bye Mam! May you too have a wonderful day!

As Aaliya went off to work in the farm,

Roosheena is left alone with the baby and she is sleeping.

Roosheena: Aw! how wonderful if she do not cry and sleeps peacefully like this!

To her surprise the baby wakes up and starts crying.

Roosheena tries to calm her taking into her lap, she do not stop, then she takes her into her arms and start roaming still she do not stop so she moves in the garden and move up and down continuously like vibration and lull her to sleep by singing some rhymes.

The baby went to sleep after much hard work.

Roosheena is still in the garden and baby is sleeping and resting her head on her shoulders.

Sania happens to visit again.

Sania: Hey Roosheena! I thought why not to ask you how is everything going? If i may be of some sort of help!

Roosheena: Yes! Why not! i really need it come inside!

Sania: so what are you doing now?

Roosheena: i lulled her to sleep!

Sania: can i have some water!

Roosheena: ya sure!

As Roosheena was putting water using her one hand, the glass fell and water spills.

The sound comes and the baby wakes up.

Sania: oh my god! Thanks goodness the glass did not break!

Roosheena: you see there’s wall to wall thick mattress here how can it break!

Sania: Now lull her again otherwise she won’t allow us to talk!

Roosheena: As she was lulling again and swinging her body. The baby was still crying.

Sania: She shows the green light coming from her mobile.

The baby got amazed looking at the light and stops crying.

Sania: You need a cradle because you will get tired if you all the time swing and lull like this.

Roosheena: i know it from the day one because i thought what if one day she starts crawling and fall from the bed we need a cradle for her to swing her.

Sania: And it must have some lullaby songs and some lights too.

Roosheena: how can i find this type of cradle?

Sania: we will find it online! Let’s check out here!

Roosheena after much display selects one cradle for the baby.

Sania: She takes screenshots of the cradle and send it to Aaliya Mam.

Sania: let’s order now! I received confirmation from Aaliya Mam to buy this!

Roosheena: okay then let’s order!

The delivery is within one hour!

Sania will you please get the money from Aaliya Mam as you did before?

Sania: Sure! I will do so!

Sania goes to Aaliya Mam’s farm and get the money for the cradle.

The delivery man arrives with a cradle.

As the baby is still sleeping on bed, Sania and Roosheena both together unpacks the cradle and assemble it.

Roosheena: Wow this is an amazing cradle i totally loved it.

The baby wakes up Roosheena put the baby inside the cradle and starts the vibrations and also put on some lullaby music, the baby rocks and enjoy the toys she found in the cradle above her head.

The baby was playing peacefully and Sania was rocking the cradle and helping out changing vibrations and lullaby music and also showing the baby some lights.

Roosheena makes milk and get the baby out from the cradle and feeds her with milk.

First day as a Nanny Roosheena`s strawberries land

Roosheena first day as a Nanny was a mess! As she is new and has no experience she goes through much trouble! Find out how she finds a good solution to her first problem.

Aaliya: Oh! Welcome my child! This is your first day as a Nanny for my child! Take good care of her, you will have everything you need here in this house! And if you face any trouble then walk to me iam near by working in the strawberries farm land with my hubby! So don’t worry iam close to you and it’s just 5 minutes distance to my farm.

Roosheena: iam all set and ready and iam really very excited you know mam i just love small babies and to my fascination this baby of yours is so adorable!

Aaliya: i hope you will have a good time all the best!

Roosheena: Bye Mam!

Roosheena is playing with the baby and after some time suddenly the baby starts crying. Roosheena tries to calm her but she is continuously crying, she then plans to make milk,

She finds thermos containing warm water in the kitchen and then she could find milk powder outside on the dining table then she was searching for Milk bottle and she could not find it, then she found Milk bottle containing some milk in the bedroom.

She took the baby in her one hand and was washing bottle through the sink from the other hand and then she makes milk for the baby.

And when she was feeding the baby with the milk, some milk was spilling out from her mouth and the baby’s clothes got wet,

Roosheena was searching for a napkin and a washcloth, she could not find any bib or anything at-last she got kitchen washcloth and there she used the same thing to cover the baby and continues feeding her.

After baby drinks milk roosheena takes her into the green garden outside the home and play with her and sing some rhymes, the baby went to sleep.

And then Roosheena was left alone, she sat on the window and was looking out the green grass, the green trees and all the strawberries, fresh air comes and splashes her hair on her face.

After an hour and a half baby wakes up crying and she rushes towards the baby, she miss the cradle and she has to put the baby on bed, what if one day she starts crawling and fell off from the bed she mutters to herself.

The baby diapers was wet,

She pooped and was continuously crying again,

Roosheena began searching for diapers and she could find them no where, so she opened the baby’s almarah and there she finds some diapers and wet wipes.

When Roosheena was about to change baby’s diaper she noticed that baby has wet her jump suit.

So Roosheena while calming the baby use wet wipe to clean the baby and notice that baby has got some red rash so she searches for rash cream and could not find it then she search for some talcum baby powder there was no powder and any puff. She gets disappointed, she changes the baby like that only and goes towards almarah taking the baby into her arms and get one jump suit.

She change baby’s clothes and then lull her to sleep again.

When Roosheena was alone she washed the baby’s dirty jump suit and tuck outside the home in the lawn area clipping it and then watching the sun shine onto her face.

Her friend Sania was walking and she looks at Roosheena!

Sania: Hey Roosheena where were you i have come to your house to play today and i could not find you there!

Roosheena: iam working as a Nanny here today is my first day!

Come inside!

Sania: How is the day going along?

Roosheena: very messy! There are no things for the baby no powder, no cream and not even a rash cream?

Sania: You must say this to Aaliya Mam!

Roosheena: off-course i will and i think i need a caddy very urgently because i don’t want to run all the time all around home when i need milk powder, water or a washcloth.

Sania: This is a serious problem let’s find some good diaper caddy online!

Roosheena found a awesome caddy and to her amazement it will be delivered within few hours at home.

She ordered online with a cash on delivery option.

Sania: I will visit Aaliya Mam at the farm land to get money as quickly as possible.

Sania goes to farm to get the money from Aaliya to pay for the caddy.

Then Sania returns back to Roosheena the baby is still asleep,

The delivery man arrives with a caddy and then they pay the money and takes the caddy.

Roosheena she unpacks the caddy

and exclaims oh! it is the best caddy of the whole world.

There is one medium sized section Roosheena puts thermos, milk powder bottle and washed milk bottle in it and beside it one more medium section Roosheena keeps diapers and wet wipes in it and in a big master section, roosheena puts baby’s clothes and some wash cloths she got from kitchen to use it for the baby.

There she is set!

Now whenever baby cries Roosheena is not required to run in the house for the things for the baby.

Roosheena got a job

This is a continuation of my fairytale Roosheena and her strawberries land. As Roosheena is only 11 and about to get 12 years old she finds a job for herself that is to take care and look after little baby.

Roosheena has got a neighbor who is also her teacher in school Aaliya Aunty and she is blessed with lovely baby girl, Aaliya is a wonderful teacher and Roosheena's favorite, she recently shifted into new home with her husband and here her daughter...

Roosheena has got a neighbor who is also her teacher in school Aaliya Aunty and she is blessed with lovely baby girl, Aaliya is a wonderful teacher and Roosheena’s favorite, she recently shifted into new home with her husband and here her daughter is born.

Roosheena is very happy about the birth of a baby in her neighborhood.

Aaliya to her husband Sadiq

Aaliya: taking the baby into her lap aww! She is an angel iam really blessed!

Sadiq: She has got a lovely green eyes!

Aaliya: Sadiq i think i have to quit my part-time job as a teacher in school and also my full time job with you in the farm you see i have to feed and nurse the baby now!

Sadiq: this is not possible how can we manage the finances?

Aaliya: i have no idea!

Roosheena knocks the door!

Aaliya: she opens the door oh come inside my child!

Roosheena: how are you teacher? How is the baby?

Aaliya: come inside! She is fine by the grace of Allah!

Roosheena: you did not come to school so i thought to ask you? How did you find our place?

Aaliya: This strawberries land is wonderful Roosheena no pollution, no traffic, no dirt, so clean green and refreshing i loved the lakes of strawberries and the most amazing thing is i collected some strawberry juice when it was raining here and the juices of strawberries strike from the trees and falls from above.

Roosheena: this is the most wonderful thing about our strawberries land!

Aaliya: come and sit down!

I can’t come to school iam in some problem! I have to feed and nurse the baby i can’t even go to farm and help Sadiq because there is no one to take care of the baby.

Roosheena: But Mam! School is only for four hours it starts early morning and ends when there is still morning time.

Aaliya: Ya i know!

Sadiq: i can take care of the baby till you come back in the morning itself! The baby will be sleeping that time and there is no need to bother much i will sleep with her and will take care of her.

Aaliya: What about my full time job at farmland?

Roosheena: Mam! if you don’t mind i think i might be of some help! I will take care of your baby till you go and come back from the farm!

Aaliya: Will you?

Roosheena: yes Mam only if you allow me to?

Aaliya: Why will i not allow if you can take care then it’s a pleasure by my side!

Roosheena: I will ask my father about this and will give you an answer!

Aaliya: okay!

Roosheena: i will come back in a moment!

Roosheena goes to her home and here her father opens the door!

Father: Where were you sweetheart? I was looking out for you!

Roosheena: Papa! i was with Aaliya Aunty she is blessed with little baby girl!

Father: Oh my goodness! Congratulate her on my behalf!

when did she born?

Roosheena: two days back!

Father: Now who is going to take care of the baby she works so hard in the farm?


Papa can i become a Nanny for Aaliya Mam’s little baby?

I have promised her that i will take care and look after the baby when she will go and work on the farm!

Father: Let her take some rest for few weeks, and it’s been only two days since the baby is born!

Ask her to take some rest with the baby then after that we will see!

There is no need to work in the farm at this time!

You must be not getting me but Aaliya will surely understand this!

Roosheena: Okay Papa! i will inform her about your suggestion!

Roosheena: She goes back to Aaliya’s home!

Aaliya: oh you are back! What did your father say? Did he agreed on this?

Roosheena: My father has asked you to take some rest before going back to the farm for work and he said that after few weeks he will see whether i can take care of the baby or not?

Aaliya: oh yes he spoke practically im not in a situation to work right now i have to take rest! Okay after few weeks let’s see!

Roosheena: Mam but i will wait for you in the school please come there!

Aaliya: i will be comin back to school from Monday!

Roosheena: Bye!

Aaliya: Goodbye!

Aaliya joined school after a week time and Roosheena was very happy in the class to have her back, she taught English to her students and she also teach how to play piano and sing rhymes.

Roosheena hums and sings along her and carefully studies English grammar.

After few more weeks Aaliya is healthy enough to go back to the farm.

And Roosheena as she promised will take care of her baby.

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