11 untold smarter ways to achieve your goals faster

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said, “Laziness is a blight of success.”


Lazy and procrastinating people who are impatient and quit their path can never achieve their goals.

The smartest way to achieve your goals!

After learning these methods your pals will envy you and wonder what you did to achieve this great success.

There are mainly 11 smart and untold methods to achieve your goals.

1- Make an idea and visualize your end goal: 

An idea is everything because great things happen with great ideas. And an amazing idea is like a light in your life. It shows hope when there is no hope to move forward in life. You must visualize an end result like getting an award for writing a great screenplay.

2- Make a Master plan to achieve your goal and make that idea into reality:

 You must give some hours to yourself to contemplate your idea into reality and make a deep Master plan to achieve it. Planning takes time but it`s worth it.

3- Put that Master plan into a written form:

 After you have made a Master plan in your head put that plan on a paper. Write down each and everything. And write in a detailed way like a step-by-step guide.

4- Make a goal map and do intensive research on your project:

 If you read Ikigai a famous book on Kindle Amazon you would know what I am talking about. Make a clear goal map describing the path clearly to reach your destination. After making a map or a chart do intensive research on the subject, collect data watch videos, read articles, and just gather information and know the subject deeply and intensively. After your research is completed start creating. And I know everyone knows that you cannot achieve your goal in just one go you must have patience. You must take proper steps towards it.

5- Make a timetable for completing tasks:

 Don`t overload yourself with many tasks in one go, understand your potential and capacity and also the time you can give to the project after analyzing this make a proper timetable for completing one task in one day.

6- Consistency is key to success: 

I know it`s hard you can get distracted, and you can get disturbed by some personal problems or health issues of loved ones in your life but still, you have got to move on and be consistent no matter what, complete your task of the day.

7- Keep it top secret:

 Things we say to others don`t really happen or take much longer time to become reality. Don`t slip secrets from your tongue keep them secret. Work hard in silence so that your result makes a successful noise in the whole world one day instead of making a hush-hush about what you are doing.

8- Pray for your success: 

Sometimes we face many hurdles in our path to reaching our goal I often get stuck with some technical issues that are not easily resolved, these types of distractions encourage us to delay and procrastinate do not lose hope if you cannot solve one task move forward with other things and other tasks which you could do better, have patience take some professional help to resolve that issue later. And if you are stuck Pray to god and god will help you resolve and rectify soon.

9- Follow a healthy morning routine: 

Do you know why because if you are surrounded by bad company and bad habits and if you become sick often you cannot achieve your goal. Boycott those bad habits and cut the cord from the toxic people who do not serve you and only hurt you in some way or the other. Quit the company and work hard Allah will give you boundless rewards for your loyal efforts.

10-Do not quit and never give up move forward with the plan:

 The time will come when pressured to quit like your loved ones are hospitalized, you fell sick, in debt, or parties, ceremonies, picnics, or holidays out. There are always temptations and disturbances but still do not lose hope move forward do not quit as quitters never win and winners never quit.

11- Take baby steps towards success:

 As I said before never overburden yourself with a solid task that you cannot complete in one day. Take very tiny steps towards your goal and no matter what happens in your life give daily one hour to your goal if not one hour give half an hour and if not half an hour give 20 minutes daily and if you cannot give that 20 minutes make a 2-minute rule whenever you find yourself free for 2 minutes in a day give those 2 minutes to your goal and see the difference you are never going to take no for an answer. And one day even the tiniest step will help you reach your goal and your desired destination.

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Your tongue decides your success and failure!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said, “The one who spoils his tongue spoils his life.”

This is really a truth your tongue and the way you speak decide your fate and your future because people support those who speak sweetly and honestly.


He the great lion of Allah also said you must take care of your tongue the way you take care of your wealth.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) Said, “Most of your sins are because of your tongue.”

People make fun of each other laugh at others, play pranks, do backbiting and slander, and make two people fight, utter bad words, and say lies.

All these things are sins!

Allah does not like them.

Further Prophet Mohammed (Saw) also said if anyone takes care of his tongue and private parts, I will give that person a guarantee of paradise.

If we elaborate this hadith’s true meaning is if anyone saves himself from adultery, porn and keeps himself chaste, and does not harm others with his tongue then Allah will put such a person in paradise.

One of my favorite quotes of Hazrath Ali(R.A) which I sincerely follow in my day-to-day life is he once said “You try hard to become good and chaste like how you try harder to look beautiful.”

Seriously Young girls and young women and even men try so hard and spend so much money just to look good, what if we try that much harder every day to become good and chaste and a pious person in front of Allah to please him, that must be our goal.

I always repent daily that is my daily habit, if I happen to make even a tiny mistake or anything that Allah will not like or appreciate I repent in front of Allah and this habit has helped me to heal my depression.

Unknown reasons for someone`s continuous success!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said, “He who knows how to keep his secrets knows the way to success.”


There are mainly 3 reasons that can be the root cause of your failure.

1- Porn and adultery:

Allah hates these sins.

These sins are trending and the invention of a new modern world. If you fear Allah stay away from these bad habits and keep yourself chaste. Allah will bless you and increase your provision and barakah in your life.

2- Backbiting:

Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) said backbiting is one habit that is the cause of any person`s failure in life.

I admire the people who talk about education, knowledge, sports, politics, and self-improvement.

But it is often disappointing to listen to unnecessary backbiting. It seriously upset your lord.

3- uncontrollable tongue and temper:

Mostly the people who have uncontrollable tongues and tempers are actually clean-hearted people who just burst out with frustration because they are deeply hurt from inside and those hurts are very old and deep. But these clean-hearted people do not realize that because of their temper, they lose good friends and because of their uncontrollable tongues they slip secrets from their tongue and other bad people take advantage of them.

And there are mainly 3 reasons unknown that can be the root cause of your continuous success.

1- Being chaste and clean-heart:

The people whose heart is chaste, a heart that does not have lust and physical or materialistic desires, a heart that does not have any jealousy, envy, anger, hate, pride, and a heart that is forgiving and bows down in prostration. And a heart that is faithful then Allah loves this person and blesses his or her life with success and unknown blessings and barakah in life.

2- Being silent and not backbiting:

Nowadays wherever I see backbiting is present, people have fun backbiting about each other. They make fun of each other, laugh aloud, and enjoy if someone is suffering and in pain. They are indifferent to each other and backbite daily. Allah does not give barakah in their life and their time just flies away without completing important tasks. These people become the victim of continuous procrastination.

3- Having control over your tongue:

The people who practice silence, speak less, and do not become excited about little things of life know how to control their tongue and keep their secrets, they secretly work hard and achieve success.

Some people are foolish, they trust others very quickly and reveal all of their secrets in front of them, not knowing what kind of energy that person can pass onto them like the energy of secret hatred, anger, the energy of fear, and doubt.

They can doubt your capabilities and qualities and they can secretly fear your success. They must be thinking very little about you and will get afraid if they find that you are planning to come up in life.

Beware don`t slip the secrets from your tongue, success makes noise in silence.

In Conclusion:

If you obey Allah and his commands and do not break his laws Allah will bless you with countless bounties and if you break the laws Allah will leave you. In Surah Taghabun Allah says “No calamity can befall on Mankind except by my leave.”

Invisible poisonous rays! Things you can`t see exist powerfully!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said emotions possess much power there are some invisible atoms and rays that come out from human bodies that we cannot see but they do exist, these invisible rays and atoms are very effective and possess the power to change a person`s destiny.


It is more common for people to have an envious and wandering mind that always wonders at others’ success and feel envious these two emotions are the main cause of evil eyes that destroy lives.

11 Signs that say that you are infected by the evil eye

1- Face turns yellow: 

When the evil eye affects you then suddenly your face turns yellowish and you suffer from speechlessness. You can`t explain any reason for this change to others.

2- Insomnia Dark circles and eyeballs:

Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) Said There is one thing that has the power to change divine decree that is only evil eyes.

Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) also said one-third of my ummah would be in their graves just because of evil eyes.

When evil eyes affect you it worsens your life suddenly you start becoming frustrated and angry all the time and because of little trivial matters also you feel tension and do not sleep and then this new habit will give you dark circles and eye bags.

3- No hunger and nauseousness:

 When the evil eye takes effect a person does not feel hungry normally and when he feels hungry he does not feel like eating when food comes in front of his eyes in just a few morsels he feels full and heavy and leaves the rest of the food on his plate.

4- Tiredness and weakness: 

This is one of the major and hidden signs of evil eyes, a person who is infected by evil eyes feels tired very quickly and when he or she works hard in that tiredness, they or feels exhausted and whole body pains.

5- Frequent fights in the family:

We cannot deny that almost every human being lives for love, bonding, and togetherness. We feel happy when we get love, compassion, care, and appreciation, but some people do not get love and they crave it. Their envy and wonder can cause damage to relationships you will notice suddenly conflicts start arising, and there are arguments and then disputes among family members.

6- No love and hatred between husband and wife: 

Husband and wife love is the most romantic and most beautiful love of the universe and each and everyone yearns for it, craves to get it in their life, and longs for it. But if they do not get they become depressed and hopeless and when they see a loving romantic example in front of their eyes, envy and jealousy start building up inside their hearts this envy and jealousy take the form of evil eyes and this can almost destroy a relationship.

Once upon a time a romantic couple now hardly speaks with each other and if they do contact it is only to find faults or pick up a fight.

They start hating each other’s faces and presence.

7- Sickness and illnesses: 

Mostly Allah gives you disease or any illness to purify you from your sins. People who sin often and more often suffer from frequent illnesses and sickness and then they start wondering and feeling envy towards a person who is healthy and fine as if they want others also to suffer like them and if they do not they wonder and bring out infective rays from their bodies which goes and attacks the person who is envied and make them fall sick and ill.

It is said sometimes evil eyes are the cause of death of any person.

8- Blockage in the source of income: 

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said to hide your blessings to save yourself from the evil eyes of others. And do not express happiness in front of others, especially in front of people who are sad and in grief.

These are the golden words of Imam Ali (R.A) and if followed they can better your life right now.

The evil eye can block your success, you will realize that your colleagues start complaining about you to the boss and feeling angry towards you and then you lose your job and become jobless. And then nobody takes responsibility for your loss and nobody comes to your rescue.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) further said on this topic,

to Never speak about these 3 things before others

1- Your next move towards success

2- The personal matters between husband and wife

3- And about your salary.

Because people`s negative energy of doubt, envy, hatred, jealousy, anger, and fear can cause a blockage and disturbance in your life.

9- Defame and disrespect in society and debts:

 Generally, people who hate you send energy of anger and hatred towards you, and this energy is poisonous it can ruin your good vibrant health and when others feel this energy of hatred and anger coming towards you they start feeling the same for you. It means they also start hating you and feeling angry towards you for no reason at all. 

Your life becomes full of debts, feuds, and arguments. At last, you feel like nobody loves you except your mother and father or any person who still does not get affected by this energy and still loves you for no reason.

10- Anxiety and panic attacks: 

The evil eye also gives you anxiety and panic attacks. I know very well about it because I was once a very famous singer in my school and college and a competitor for other girls who were jealous of me. Their envy and jealousy gifted me with social anxiety and stage fright. Yes, evil eyes can also ruin your career and even your talents.

11- Depression: 

This also comes because of evil eyes. We know very well about depression and it is a serious illness that needs medical attention.

Now I tell you how to safeguard yourself from evil eyes:

1- Do not speak about your plans and routines before others.

2- Never tell others before doing important tasks

3- Hide your blessings and show gratitude towards Allah for it.

4- Remember Allah and take his refuge whenever you feel any negative rays coming towards you.

5- Offer sincere prayer 

6- Make duaa and read the Quran which is a healing and priceless gift to mankind from Allah.

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My soul traveled to the first sky

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said there is life and the existence of different worlds in the skies which we do not know.


Yes, there exists life in the skies very few people know about it.

 When we sleep sometimes our soul travels in the skies and comes back to our bodies and we do not know this we take it as a beautiful heavenly dream. Our soul is more powerful than our physical body; it could travel thousands and thousands of miles in just minutes, and we do not know about its immense and infinite power.

Once one man came to Moula Ali (R.A) from far away with some important questions which he wanted to know answers from the lion of Allah and the door of knowledge and wisdom Hazrath Ali (R.A)

He asked Ya Ali (R.A) “ Does life exist in the skies”? What is the name of the seven skies which Allah has created? And what are the colors of these skies?

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Replied

Yes, life does exist in the seven skies.

Allah has kept the name of the first sky as Rafi. And Allah has created this sky from water and smoke.

The second sky’s name is Qaizoom its color is like Copper.

The third sky`s name is Maaroom and its color is like sandy greenish cement.

The fourth sky`s name is Arfalaom and its color is shining like silver.

The fifth sky`s name is Haehoon and its color is like gold.

The sixth sky`s name is Ar-Roos and its color is red like ruby.

Last but not least seventh sky`s name is Ajma and its color is white like pearls.

My belief and my dream that really life exists in the skies: 

Once when I was sleeping I could feel my soul traveling in a very super fast way it was so fast and with speed that I can`t describe its speed.

Like some infinite super-powerful force was carrying me there, I could see Earth so far from me and I was in the skies.

My heart was afraid and I had no clue where I was going but I could feel an energy full of compassion and merciful closer to me, that energy was wrapping me with a lot of protection and carrying me upstairs up in the sky so perfectly swiftly so fastly and also with care.

I reached a place where I could see large glittering birds full of glittering colors like glittering cyan glittering green and silver color, golden color, and gem stones, precious stones on their wings shining brightly. They were looking at me like a human with fixed strong glances.

I moved further and I saw unicorns with large wings, they were so gigantic and there existed a palanquin-like thing and I guess there were some people inside that palanquin on them.

I moved further and then I saw a place made up of smoky water it was raining there like continuous water flowing over their smoky foggy area and the vast sky above me I still could feel the sound of water falling continuously there, but I didn’t feel cold. I saw mountains, stones, trees roads and big plants over there. 

And within a flash of seconds, I was back.

I woke up from my dream and I searched about the skies’ names and existence and I read and could know that it was the first sky made up of smoke and water and I was literally there and I have no doubt about it.

The secret way to get all your prayers answered by god!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said there is one deed if you do it sincerely with devotion Allah will answer all your prayers.


And people questioned what is that.

Moula Ali replied, “Those who forbid speaking lies permanently Allah will answer whatever prayer comes onto his or her tongue.”

We speak lies when we fear punishment, and we speak lies to avoid facing embarrassing situations we also speak lies to avoid conflicts arising out of it. But we do not realize that whenever we speak lies we disappoint Allah and angels of mercy smell a bad odor coming from our mouths so they move away and fly away from us.

But sometimes it is an exception and necessity to speak lies:

especially if you are speaking lies to avoid committing sin or stopping sin and if you are speaking lies to save someone`s life or you are saying lies for some good and noble purpose then in this situation Allah will not be displeased with you.

But if you are telling lies just to please others or just for fun and timepass or for some selfish purposes then this is a major sin and you must ask Allah to forgive you for this sin.

Whatever there is in our hearts Allah knows best.



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