How silence can hurt you 

Silence has many benefits and it is great. Silence has got immense power and it brings you closer to god. But silence also has some disadvantages and sometimes it hurts even more than words find out how?

1-Silence can hurt you if someone you love does not talk to you:

It definitely hurts when you expect someone special to speak to you and spend quality time with you. Or chill out and have a good time with you.

When that person does not speak to you and totally ignores you then your expectations do not get fulfilled and you feel hurt.

2-Silence can hurt you if your friend remains silent when you need support:

 It happens at times we accidentally come into a conflict or sometimes we seriously need someone`s support when nobody is listening to our cause if that time your friend does not speak up and does not support and take your side then your friend`s silence surely hurt you.

3- Silence shows indifference and indifference exists where there is no compassion: 

We all know compassion is a pure emotion that allows us to understand others and their pain and which allows us to see ourselves in others and be in their place and see the world. When human beings show indifference to others’ sufferings then this indifference and silence is a sign of cruelty towards mankind.

4- The one who loves you scolds you for your good; if they are silent, then it means you have disappointed or hurt them.

We always see our mother, father, brother or sister scold us for our own good and we also see someone who is jealous see the drama of our destruction and not do anything about it. Hazrath Ali (R.A) said the one who scolds you loves you so never hurt and disappoint your loved one if they are silent it means you have hurt them.

5- People who avoid you and ignore you do not love you:

Instead of guessing and plucking out the rose petals of loves me and loves me not the signal is very clear if someone tries to avoid you and always ignores you then it clearly means that person is not interested in you and forget about loving you.

6- The ones who practice silence even when oppression is happening in front of their eyes are worse than oppressors:

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said if you see something wrong is happening and people are oppressing someone then help the one who is oppressed with your legs and hands and if you can`t do that at least help with your tongue.

And the people who watch others’ turmoil and destruction with their eyes and do not help and support are even worse than an oppressor.

7- When someone is silent and smiles mischievously if you slip your secrets in fluke and then use those secrets against you are your enemies:

It often happens among friends and relatives or cousins, they envy and feel jealous and practice utmost silence and be secretive, and when we with clean hearts openly reveal our facts and secrets they use them against us to harm. They are actually your enemies who have disguised as friends.

8- When someone does not appreciate you in the name of being silent:

I saw my father sometimes complaining about his friends who do not appreciate his poetry in the mushaira where all the poets recite their poetry on stage.

A few words of your appreciation can make someone`s heart happy and some people are misers in giving few words also.

9-When someone behaves rudely to you and misunderstands you for every little thing and does not talk to you whereas talking and spending time with someone else is a person who dislikes you: 

You must not waste your time on such a person who only uses you when needed and does not spend any time with you and regard someone else to be superior and deserving of their company when compared to you.

10- Silence is wasted when someone sad is in your company and you could not make that person smile and laugh:

Silence sometimes goes to waste when someone is sad and in great grief and you could not help that person cheer up and chill out with you.

11:Silence is great and must be practiced if people surrounding you do not need you and your friendship:

 The one who loves us needs us and our company if they expect you to speak and chill out with them do so and have fun and do not waste your time by being silent and no one wants you to be silent.

Best tips for good quality sleep heal spiritually!

You must not know the value of good quality sleep. Your sleep is the central part of your physical health but the main foundation of good health and good sleep is something spiritual find out below:

If you are struggling to sleep so here is one of the well-researched and well-experienced tips.

1- Tip no:1 Do not try and force yourself to sleep: 

Never try or force yourself to sleep, this is one of the worst mistakes to do. Just relaxing and taking a rest is enough.

2- Tip no:2 Do not be angry with yourself:

 If you are unable to sleep then don`t scold yourself to sleep and get angry with your mind. Keep quiet, calm down, and take a deep breath. Drink a glass of cool water, go to the washroom, or read a book.

3- Tip no:3 Empty your mind:

 Put off the computer of your running mind, stop it, and empty your mind from running thoughts, Do not give any emotion to any thought, do not put any pressure on your mind just make it lose.

4- Forgive yourself and others:

 If you are angry with yourself or others then just forgive yourself let go and forgive others. Just make everything let go and relax. Forgive not because they deserve your forgiveness but because you deserve peace and happiness.

5- Do not complain and be loyal to your sleep:

 You complain that you could not sleep do not do that because you were not loyal to your sleep. When you went to sleep you were not actually sleeping you were thinking and forcing and getting angry and being restless just relax let go and rest.

6- Taking a nap:

 Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to take nap and it is sunnah the devil can never take a nap because it is a noble and good habit. And napping improves your immune system and revitalizes and rejuvenates you. It charges your battery and gives energy to your body and brain. Do not ignore whenever you feel like sleeping take a good nap. 

7- Take rest:

 Stop the habit of running thoughts with emotions in your mind, give a break, and take a rest. As resting and taking nap is equal to good sleep that`s all that your body needs. Resting also improves the functioning of your body system.

These were one of the above best tips to sleep.

The best way to improve the quality of your sleep is to work hard to shed sweat during the day, and give some exercise to your body this requires energy and your passion to work hard for a living.

If you lack passion and motivation then this comes from life force energy and this life force energy often becomes blocked due to sins.

As our soul shouts and screams from inside and puts weight on our chest when a human does sin. This often leads to anxiety and hypertension.

Offer sincere prayer to god ask him to forgive you and then sleep like how a baby sleeps without any worry and tension free.

The hidden secret blessing behind sharing

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said when you share your bounties with less fortunate people then you become a part of me and I become a part of you.

The hidden secret blessing of sharing is

Allah has kept a share for poor and needy people for all which you have and possess and he increases the blessings of those things which have been shared.

The common man does not understand this secret hidden share that he has in his hands which is actually meant for poor and needy people, he spends his wealth on gambling, discos, alcohol, parties, games, fun, and other unnecessary stuff which is not required and which is considered a luxury.

Ultimately when he consumes wealth in this way he falls sick and the amount which has to be shared among the poor and needy will go to paying bills.

Or else sometimes Allah snatches away barakah from this wealth and whatever he spends does not possess any blessing and it only harms rather than doing good and all his spending goes to waste because nobody could benefit from it.

Final thoughts:

So make a habit of sharing as sharing is caring and whatever you have and possess if you share with others Allah will increase blessings everywhere for you.

And Prophet Mohammed (saw) would be so pleased with you that it is his wording that you will become a part of him.

The meaning of Ilham and it`s benefits!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said Ilham is something that a human mind cannot understand completely, but it can grasp its true meaning.

Once Imam Ali (R.A) Was giving a sermon to his disciples and followers, and one man asked him

Ya Ali what is ilham?

Imam Ali (R.A) said Ilham is connected to Allah and deep spirituality; a human mind which is focused on this world and its pleasures cannot completely understand it.

That Man replied

Ya, Ali, if I cannot understand it, then please make me understand in a way that I will at least grasp its true meaning.

Imam Ali (R.A) Said How Allah had created energy in the physical body; likewise, Allah has also created energy in the soul.

How Allah has created legs to shift the human body from one place to another; likewise, to make the soul travel to places Allah has created knowledge of Nayla.

Your soul does not always stay in your body but can separate from your body and see you after getting separated.

How Allah has created eyes for you to see this world; likewise, Allah has created hidden and secret energy for the soul to see and look.

And this energy, this hidden and secret power of the soul, is known as Ilham.

Remember How you look and see things with your eyes and get knowledge; likewise, a soul can see and look with the help of Ilham and get to know the secrets of this universe.

But the sad news is that human beings are so busy in this world:

And its pleasures and they get so much indulged and grounded towards the fake glitters of this world that they get far towards reaching their soul and understanding its true identity.

A human wanders and roams and runs toward the pleasures of this world, and he is left unknown and ignorant towards his own power and energy of his soul.

A human who keeps himself away from the pleasures and glitters of this world and keeps his soul clean from sins Allah will grant that person this power called Ilham with which he can get the divine messages from the heavens above and will get to know the true meaning of this world and this universe.

Allah has created an angel for the person who does good deeds to help the poor and keep himself away from sins:

And that angel walks with him in the journey of his life like a true friend, and you must not disappoint that angel with your bad deeds; otherwise, he will run away from you.

That Angel will provide you messages about the future and about the future of this universe through Ilham.

The divine path of this angel with you is called the path of Nayla, and the divine messages you will receive are called Ilham.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said if any human understands his soul and life:

then this universe will become his disciple and time will be in his favor the news before becoming a news pass through him as a divine message and this is called Ilham to attain this power and this position.

Secret benefits of doing ablution wudu

All must be knowing that ablution or wudu is performed before offering prayer 5 times a day in Islam many know the physical and biological benefits of doing wudu and some also knew the spiritual benefits but I want to highlight a secret benefit of being in a state of wudu below.

1-Wudu keeps you away from sins and helps you lower your gaze:

When we are in the state of ablution we make efforts to be in ablution as more as possible and in this way, we make extra efforts to be clean and be away from sins and wrongdoings and also lower our gaze if we accidentally come across profanity while watching tv. And wudu also stops you from telling lies I have always seen people swearing that they are telling truth because they are in wudu.

2-Wudu protects you from negative energy and mishaps:

If you be in a state of ablution (wudu) Allah and his angels will make a protective shield around you and they will protect you from all which is negative, evil and also protect you from mishaps and accidents, or injuries.

3-Wudu helps you in getting matters in your favor:

Suppose you are going to attend an interview for that important job if you be in a state of wudu the angels continuously shower mercy and blessings from Allah and thus it will help you in vibrating calm and positive energy which makes people agree and convinced with you and take the decision in your favor.

4-Wudu keeps you protected from poisonous and biting animals:

Once an old woman was walking on the street 4 big dogs came running and barking and then when they came near her they stopped barking and went away. She was questioned why did they run away from her as they were looking so angry and rebellious. She simply answered I was in a state of wudu.

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One habit which makes you a winner!

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said those people are among the best ones who possess this one quality and will always win.

One man asked Ya Rasool Allah (saw) What is that quality which makes me always win?

Prophet Mohammed (saw) answered it is “Good Manners”.

Yes, if you have good manners and treat everyone with love and kindness, especially the poor and weak, then these good manners will always please Allah and will always make you a winner among others.

And if you have bad manners, if you do not appreciate others and indulge yourself in only self-praising and hurting and insulting others with your tongue, then this can displease Allah, resulting in people maintaining a distance from you. In short, you will become lonely if you practice bad manners.

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