Wear the throne of success with this one habit!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said there is one special habit that makes a person wear the throne of success throughout his life.


One Man asked Imam Ali (R.A)

Ya Ali, What is that special habit?

He answered “Giving respect to others.

Whenever you meet someone older person think that he must be having more good deeds in his account than me because he is older than me.

And whenever you meet the little one and younger one think that he must be so innocent and sinless or must be having fewer sins in his accounts.

Think and believe that another person is better than you and respect others be kind towards them. Set aside and forgo your pride and ego.

If you do this!

You will win the heart of everyone around you and soon you will wear the throne of success which no one can snatch away from you.

It is often our habits which decide our future

According to Aristotle

“You are what you do repeatedly success then, is not an act but a habit.”

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The difference between fortune and fate!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said there is a difference between fortune estimation and fate or destiny.


Your problems, hurdles, and blockages come because of your own bad deeds and sins and wrong decisions it is in your own hands and you yourself write your future with your deeds.

And fate and destiny come in divine decree, it is Allah who has written it and no one can change them.

Can you change your mother who has given you birth?


Because this is decided and final and no one can change it.

One man came with a lot of stress and asked Hazrath Ali (R.A)

that I got a massive business loss and I am doomed.

Why Allah has done this to me?

What he got by doing this to me?

Imam Ali (R.A) answered Allah never harms and creates a loss for anybody.

Before you are born he has written success, provision, and good health in your fortune but it is because of your bad deeds, sins, and wrong decisions you have changed everything, you have invited satan into your life and he is not responsible for this.

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The best way to become the special and gifted person

Hazrath Ali (R.A) A person is special and gifted who has these 3 traits in his nature and character.


1- The one who forgives others quickly and does not take revenge:

I know it`s very difficult to forgive others who hurt us and harm us but it is not impossible you can forgive that person. Whenever you get the thought about that hurt and harm forgive that person for Allah and do it repeatedly till the thought provokes no power and become powerless.

This means you have achieved your goal you have continuously forgiven that person and you are successful in this task.

2- The one who is grateful for the blessings Allah bestowed and is patient about the blessings he or she does not possess:

I do not know why but since when I was a child I observed life is full of people surrounding us who are envious of others for something or the other.

I know what it takes to have a large and gigantic heart to vanish envy from your heart if you are yearning for something which others possess.

If we remove envy from our hearts we will feel light and our eyes open up and notice the blessings which Allah has gifted to us.

3- The one who looks at others with a lot of respect and stays away from pride and vanity:

I always observed it is often a rich-class elite group of people who have so much of proud that they don`t want to spend time or interact with people who are poor and lesser placed than them.

But the one who looks at one and all with respect and stays away from pride is surely a special and gifted person.

2 Habits that can make you successful and rich!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said these two mistakes will make you unsuccessful and poor whereas if you do the opposite the results reverse.


Those mistakes which can ruin your life and make you poor and a failure is

1- Backbiting, finding faults, making fun of others, and insulting others.

2- Always pick up the mistakes of your spouse and be ungrateful for him or her.

And Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said these two habits can make you successful and rich.

1- if you appreciate others for their efforts and have a sweet tongue and grateful heart.

2- And always have a pleasant smile on your face while talking to people with kindness.

Then this type of person pleases Allah and his creation and thus doors of his success and provision get opened.

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One habit which gives peace and happiness to body mind and soul!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said one habit which gives peace and happiness to the body mind and soul is

1- Being silent and then if you are speaking then speaking about something which benefits one and all.


Silence can calm your nerves and being silent does not mean only being quiet with your tongue it means being silent completely.

It means not running thoughts in your mind and not speaking and practicing complete silence.

And then when you calm down your whole nerves good things start happening and you will be surrounded by good and positive thoughts and you will be gifted with the power of compassion and power of patience with everything then if you speak you will speak the truth and something which benefits and profits one and all.

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