12 unknown reasons for your high blood pressure heal it spiritually:

Introduction: You must not be knowing the spiritual and some unknown reasons for your hyper-tension or also called as High Blood pressure. And yes it is surely a way to heal it and also control it and maintain normal level if you have strong determination and will power.

high blood pressure


This article does not guarantee cure but surely helps in fighting and controlling this ailment.

My own experience and journey of hyper tension:

Once when I was very young in my late twenties I suffered from temporary hyper-tension and anxiety problems.

I showed to many doctors and what worked for me is continuous replacement of negative thoughts with a positive one.

When you suffer from stress your mind runs with continuous negative and scary thoughts and if you replace those thoughts continuously with healing and positive messages you can heal your hyper-tension and stress. I was a continuous fighter I won in this way so you can also do the same.

Next thing which worked for me is prayer

Whenever anxiety strike me at the high level, I use to perform ablution and bow down my head in prostration towards Allah. I prayed even in the middle of the night when I was unable to sleep due to stress and tensions.

And the third best thing I did for myself is I showed to the homeopathic Doctor and he gave the best healing and cooling medicine.

If you did not try homeopathy, I must say that you must try homeopathic medicine, they are so mild and yet effective.

Lastly, I have also started doing things which makes me happy and often I found myself giving someone else happiness makes me happy and I do many things for my loved ones and friends happiness for my happiness.

And then I also tried Yoga a twenty-minute one mile walk and breathing exercises and ate healthy to get back into good health.

My anxiety level was terrible my heart use to beat so high that the bed on which iam sleeping use to move in motion due to its noise.

But I overcame it and I think you can too.

First you must know the reason why you are having this hyper-tension.

The reasons:

  1.  Angry or short tempered: If you want everything to be perfect and always become angry at small trivial matters in life then be alert and cautious you are inviting hyper-tension to your life. Your unforgiving nature can lead you to lose your vital health. Start forgiving and let go of little cheap things and do not expect anything to be perfect in life because this life is full of imperfections and nobody and nothing is perfect in life.
  2. Afraid: Do you feel afraid of things like public speaking or afraid of small little things in life. Then have faith in Allah and make you believe strong. Trust Allah who has created you and gifted you this life he cannot wrong you so calm down yourself take his name and do not feel afraid of anything because Hazrath Ali (R.A) Says Do not be afraid of anything except your sins. If you are doing something wrong then surely your soul will shout from inside and you will be affected with hyper-tension and physically you will not know the reason why suddenly your blood pressure went high the unknown reason behind this is your own wrong doing and your sins.
  3. Hurt: Are you hurt? Did any one insulted you and scold you? Or did anyone misjudged you and declare you a culprit when you are not at fault? Then yes you are really hurt and this hurt develops into anger towards blaming person and fear to face the truth from inside which ultimately lead you to again stress and hyper-tension.

4-waiting: are you waiting for Doctor or lawyer? Are you waiting for a friend and are you waiting to be called on stage for performance. This waiting is negative it creates anxiety and hyper-tension. If your mind is waiting then divert the attention to somewhere else or some video game which you enjoy don`t keep thinking that you are waiting just enjoy the time otherwise this is also one of the cause of your high blood pressure and stress.

5-loss: If you have suffered from losses recently like financial loss or loss of loved one or closed one or any health issue or if someone has promised you to help and broke the promise then this is also one of the reasons of your raised level of stress.

6-guilt: Do you often feel guilty? Or are you guilty prone person who always feel guilt then this can also cause hyper-tension and stress because you feel like a culprit and that guilt do not allow you to live peacefully stop it forgive yourself have some self-compassion so that you would at-least be able to live peacefully.

7- lonely: Are you lonely? Nobody visits your home and nobody ask about you and you have got nothing to do then this nothingness can increase your stress and if you are not inviting people this can invite stress and high blood pressure.

If nobody is there try to make television, YouTube and social media your best friend. Watch some comedy then see how your stress level drops suddenly.

8- No purpose no goal in life: If you don`t follow your heart the true calling of your soul and sit vacant without any purpose in life just snacking and nagging around your spouse your children and reading that shitty newspaper daily then realize that soon stress would become your purpose and goal and you will reach stress and raise your blood pressure high.

9- Evil eyes: When someone put an evil eyes on your livestock and livelihood then this evil eye also can be the cause of your high level of stress and ill health and nothingness in life.

Suppose if you live a life of care free person who earns passive income from your property, investments or funds and live a life shopping, partying, travelling and great food is cooked in your kitchen then evil eyes can affect your lifestyle and good health and suddenly everything vanishes you become ill and left lonely.

Evil eye is real and it is very bad

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said if anything has the power to change your divine decree your written good fate then it is the evil eyes.

And he also said Evil eyes is worse than sorcery and witchcraft.

And once Prophet Mohammed (saw) said that 1/3rd of my ummah would be in their graves because of evil eyes.

Evil eyes can also be the cause of mishaps, accidents, and deaths.

And an emotion of wonder and envy in human is mainly behind these poisonous rays vibrating from eyes called evil eyes.

10- Angry and cursing vibes: When Angry and cursing vibes of poison and hatred vibrates from a person towards the victim then this can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and even raise stress levels. Apologize and be sweet with everyone and you never know who can vibrate these angry and cursing vibes towards you which has a power to injure and destroy. You must read my article Anger and it`s super natural power in which I described in a very detailed way that how anger destroys, injures, hurt and can be the cause of high level of stress mishaps and also accidents.

11- Threats: Is your boss threatening you that he will fire you or stop that promotion? Or if your spouse is threatening you to divorce or police complaint whatever it is if threat is there in your life, then this is the major cause of concern because it is one of the main reason of your high level of stress and raised blood pressure.

12- Poor diet and lack of good sleep: If you eat oily food and fast food and sleep late night and do not give importance to sleep then this must be one of the main cause of your high blood pressure and hyper-tension problem.

high blood pressure

How to heal spiritually

  1. Love: Love one another! Love does miracles and wonders and it is a healing emotion to give love unconditionally and do not expect anything in return.
  2. Compassion: Be compassionate not only with yourself but also with others. Kindness, mercy, and compassion are the same words for one great emotion. It is one of the most healing emotions which greatly heals. You must read my article the power of compassion where I described compassion and it`s miracles in a broad way.
  3. Charity: If evil eyes has the power to change destiny into bad there is one thing which does opposite which has the power to change something bad written in your fate into good and that is charity. You must read the wonders of giving charity where I described the incident which happened at the time of Prophet Mohammed (saw) which has created a miracle and brought good news for all. Believe and have faith charity can calm down your nerves for better. Provide help to people no matter small but help this will make you earn good wishes from people and you will get positive vibes from them.
  4. Hard work: Be busy in something interesting so that your mind does not go in taking stress and raising your blood pressure, enjoy some physical activity daily and work hard, make small goals every now and then and achieve them try to be productive and super happy, smiling all the time to calm down your nerves.
  5. Forgiving: Be forgiving in every walk of your life when you be forgiving Allah is pleased with you and he will also forgive your sins. When Allah and his angels surround you with mercy and positive healing energy then this can calm you and make your blood pressure up to a normal level.
  6. Repenting: First of all quit all bad habits and then stop sinning and then sincerely repent daily to Allah for your sins this can calm your soul because whenever you do bad and something wrong your soul shouts from inside and the shouting of your soul is the actual and immediate cause of high blood pressure.
  • Praying meditation: There is an immense power in a prayer, involve yourself in daily prayers and meditation and practice positive affirmations and these habits can heal your high blood pressure and stress.
  • Ruqyah: Listen to Quran and Ruqyah for good health because Allah has brought Quraan as a healing to mankind.
  • Medicine: A prayer and medicine go hand in hand do not ignore medicine which can cure and control your ailment and disease. Have proper medicine and take it on time after your regular meals.
  • Exercise yoga: Take out some time at least half an hour daily for exercise this small adjustment and commitment towards exercise and physical activity can help you great deal in promoting good health and calming yourself down up to the normal level.
  • Right diet: remove junk food and packaged food from your diet. And avoid hotel or market food into house, eat healthy and regular meals everyday and on time. Don`t eat heavy food at night just before going to bed, have your dinners early. And most important have less salty and less oily food and also skip your sweets.
  • Good quality of sleep: good sleep is the foundation of good health and lack of good sleep is the main cause of high blood pressure, hyper-tension and stress. Make sleep the first priority in your life and see the results of having good quality of sleep.

Final thoughts: So these were the 12 reasons for your high blood pressure and 12 main ways to heal it and control it in a correct manner. If you follow this guide, you will surely see the miraculous results within few weeks. If you want to read more on controlling and healing your high blood pressure problem then you must read this ebook 201 tips to control high blood pressure by a famous Doctor Bimal Chhajer.

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