Rhymes and chimes a fairytale


Rhymes and chimes is a beautiful fairytale about a prince who is also a greatest poet of the Nation and he searches for his soulmate and his only wish is she has to be a good poet like him.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful and talented fairy called as Maheen.

She was an excellent poet and wonderful singer. But she did not recite her poetry in front of people and she is a secret poetess.

The king Mauzam khan is searching for the suitable girl for his son Prince Zeeshaan khan.

And Zeeshaan khan is stubborn about his choice, as he is a well-known poet of Fasi Jung fairy land, he desires his would-be wife to be a proficient and prolific poet like him. So he always rejected the girls by just looking at their photographs coming for marriage proposals.

Zeeshaan was outrageously handsome and smart with athletic body and he has learnt art of sword fighting since his childhood days ever since he was in a school.

Maheen lives with her two step sisters Sania and Misbah.

As Maheen`s mother died when she was very young her father married another woman and her name is Shahin.

Shahin is a cruel lady who was always harsh towards Maheen and prefer her two daughters above Maheen always.

Maheen was made to do all the chores daily where as Misbah and Sania attends college to finish their graduation.

Maheen had always been curious to learn and study so she use to borrow books from the library and read in her free time inside one secret cave at the lawn area of her house.

King Mauzam: He goes to the place where the prince is practicing his daily sword fighting.

How much I have to strive hard to get you married son? He asked gently.

Zeeshaan: Father! You know iam a poet and I told you thousand times that I will marry a girl who is also a poet not just a poet but a good poet like me.

He was getting distracted in his sword fighting with his tutor.

Mouzam: I don`t want to listen a word about it now! You are rejecting many good proposals and you denied marrying such a beautiful fairy of our neighboring land Daniya that is a big blow to my mind and iam really upset about it.

Zeeshaan: Father! I do not know anything about her and she do not possess any talent.

I told you already and iam very much certain about my choices I only want to marry a poet.

He is practicing with great rage and force now, the tutor is stunned, suddenly he was about to get hurt.

Let`s stop you are done for today he packs up and drink water.

Mouzam: What`s happening to you? Why you are so much in rage?

Look iam giving you a time you have only one month and in this one month if you do not find the girl of your choice iam going to get you married to Princess Daniya of our neighboring fairyland.

Zeeshaan: okay done! Father your highness I shall try my best!

Mauzam proceeds and leaves the place.

Zeeshaan is famous ,for his handsome beauty, for his mind-blowing talent and for his good qualities. Every girl dreams of being his wife and the future queen of Fasi jung fairy land. Every girl believes that she is one for him his queen his princess and his life partner.
This handsome prince who belongs to the royal family is extremely charming and smiling by nature. His every gesture is a source of admiration for all. He is not searching for some princess but zeeshaan is in search for his true soulmate.
he has millions of female fans who loves and admire his poetry and never miss any mushaira held in the fairyland. And for them he is their ideal their dream boy.
All the girls in the town of fasi jung is crazy for him.
zeeshaan knows every girl dreams of him and love him. but he is finding for his cinderella yes yes his maheendrella.
. she is pious and have divine feelings for zeeshaan. she is the one who use to admire him and love him secretly with silence nobody in her home knows about her one side silent love.
she stays in the same town of fasi jung she is a beautiful fairy a girl as beautiful as pearl and as white as snow-white.
she shines always with her beauty full of innocense which makes her step sisters feel jealous of her.

one morning

mother- ari oh Maheen have you died! can’t you listen I’m calling you! Get me tea quick and some hot milk for my daughters.
maheen- oh maa! yes maa! im here getting milk!

mom-arey oh you little worm!i told you to bring tea also forgot you stupid!
maheen- coming mom with a tea and milk! just a second! Just a second!
sania- oh this foolish girl! she can’t do anything quickly she is too slow! my god!
misbah- oh my super slow and dumb girl indeed she is! we are bearing her so much.
maheen- she comes with milk and tea and put it on the table.
misbah- give me my milk! You dont do anything on time! i need to rush to college!
sania- today is my special aerobics and this fool is making so late to me!
misbah- as maheen is giving her milk, misbah puts her hands up and all the milk falls on her!
misbah- oh shit! stupid girl she runs towards sink to wash her clothes.
mom- you little worm! you can’t do anything properly she slaps maheen.
maheen- there are tears in her eyes, she feels so hurt and runs away to cry!
the college bus arrives
and the two girls sania misbah go to college!

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