My soul traveled to the first sky

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said there is life and the existence of different worlds in the skies which we do not know.

Yes, there exists life in the skies very few people know about it.

 When we sleep sometimes our soul travels in the skies and comes back to our bodies and we do not know this we take it as a beautiful heavenly dream. Our soul is more powerful than our physical body; it could travel thousands and thousands of miles in just minutes, and we do not know about its immense and infinite power.

Once one man came to Moula Ali (R.A) from far away with some important questions which he wanted to know answers from the lion of Allah and the door of knowledge and wisdom Hazrath Ali (R.A)

He asked Ya Ali (R.A) “ Does life exist in the skies”? What is the name of the seven skies which Allah has created? And what are the colors of these skies?

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Replied

Yes, life does exist in the seven skies.

Allah has kept the name of the first sky as Rafi. And Allah has created this sky from water and smoke.

The second sky’s name is Qaizoom its color is like Copper.

The third sky`s name is Maaroom and its color is like sandy greenish cement.

The fourth sky`s name is Arfalaom and its color is shining like silver.

The fifth sky`s name is Haehoon and its color is like gold.

The sixth sky`s name is Ar-Roos and its color is red like ruby.

Last but not least seventh sky`s name is Ajma and its color is white like pearls.

My belief and my dream that really life exists in the skies: 

Once when I was sleeping I could feel my soul traveling in a very super fast way it was so fast and with speed that I can`t describe its speed.

Like some infinite super-powerful force was carrying me there, I could see Earth so far from me and I was in the skies.

My heart was afraid and I had no clue where I was going but I could feel an energy full of compassion and merciful closer to me, that energy was wrapping me with a lot of protection and carrying me upstairs up in the sky so perfectly swiftly so fastly and also with care.

I reached a place where I could see large glittering birds full of glittering colors like glittering cyan glittering green and silver color, golden color, and gem stones, precious stones on their wings shining brightly. They were looking at me like a human with fixed strong glances.

I moved further and I saw unicorns with large wings, they were so gigantic and there existed a palanquin-like thing and I guess there were some people inside that palanquin on them.

I moved further and then I saw a place made up of smoky water it was raining there like continuous water flowing over their smoky foggy area and the vast sky above me I still could feel the sound of water falling continuously there, but I didn’t feel cold. I saw mountains, stones, trees roads and big plants over there. 

And within a flash of seconds, I was back.

I woke up from my dream and I searched about the skies’ names and existence and I read and could know that it was the first sky made up of smoke and water and I was literally there and I have no doubt about it.

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